No 911 – Controversy At NJPW New York Show

New Japan Pro Wrestling for the last number of months have been expanding their reach into the United States as well as Australia and the UK. So far, they’ve had a show in Dallas for their G1 Climax Open, a show in Boston on Friday and a show in Philadelphia last night but some unfortunate controversy clouded the promotion’s New York show Saturday.

So according to the controversial New York State Athletic Commission, it is mandated that every sporting event in New York must have an ambulance outside of the event on standby just in case of injury. Most of the time, these ambulances are rarely necessary, but it is still required that one is on-site before a show can begin.

The controversy comes in because when NJPW’s New York show was due to begin at the Hammerstein Ballroom…there wasn’t an ambulance on site. Apparently, there is a specific company that contracts all emergency medical services for events and that company dropped the ball. They were supposed to be at the Hammerstein Ballroom by 7:00 PM at the latest but that didn’t happen. So the show was severely delayed.

New Japan representatives had to come out in public and tell the crowd in attendance that they were experiencing “technical” issues.

Here’s the insane part…when the venue called the emergency services company, it was assumed that they were stuck in traffic but according to that company, they had received a call that morning that the event was “canceled” that night and the ambulance wasn’t needed anymore. Luckily enough, an NJPW representative was able to get an FDNY (Fire Department of New York) ambulance to agree to come to show so they could start.

So this show was delayed an hour and a half because of this and obviously some fans weren’t happy about this. But from all indications, the fans enjoyed the show.

The question is was this intentional sabotage or did NJPW drop the ball on this one?

I guess we’ll never know for certain.

You can be sure that All Everything Entertainment will be covering NJPW as the road to Wrestle Kingdom 14 continues.