NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II Results


NXT UK Takeover is back and this time they come home to Blackpool, the place where it all began. As always expect a raucous crowd and fantastic in-ring work and storytelling.

Eddie Denis def Trent Seven

This match was short and sweet. These two guys beat the hell out of each other in a pretty quick fashion. Denis looked really good in his Takeover debut. Seven as always is an ultimate pro in the ring. At one point Denis picked up Seven in a Razor’s Edge position and threw him over the ropes and to the outside. It was a wild spot but the match didn’t end there. I have no idea how Seven kicked out. Denis would pick up Seven for a lifting reverse DDT for the 1-2-3. Really good match to get the blood flowing to start the show.

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray def Toni Storm and Piper Niven

This match did not disappoint. You could feel the hatred and animosity between these women from the start. So many near falls and great spots. Piper Niven can really go in the ring. These women took the fight to each other inside and outside the ring. KLR grabbed a chair at one point and wrapped it around Storm’s neck but Niven hit her with a huge shoulder tackle. The women go back out to the floor. Storm with a tope suicida on KLR. Niven follows up with a running senton off the apron. Niven is really good. I thought this match was Niven’s after she hit KLR with a Michinoku driver but Ray kicks out. She went for a second one but KLR hits a Gory Bomb out of nowhere. The match was seemingly over but Toni Storm stopped the ref’s hand from hitting the mat for a 3 count. I know I marked out hard. What a moment this match is awesome, the crowd is going crazy. Storm gets tossed out to the ring. KLR with another tope suicida (the most overused move in wrestling). As KLR came in the ring Niven hit her with a Canadian Destroyer!!! Are you kidding me?! Storm would come in and hit Storm-Zero on KLR. She hits Niven with a pedigree, followed by a frog splash. KLR kicks Storm out of the ring and steals the win. What a match!!!

Tyler Bate def Jordan Devlin

This match was fantastic. My only complaint is it went too long. NXT UK needs a mid-card title. If these guys were going at it for something the longer match would have made sense. I digress. The match was fantastic. It was your classic heel vs face match. Bate is so damn good in the ring. Every match I watch of his I get more and more impressed. Just like the previous matches these two beat the hell out of each other. This match had hard-hitting, high flying, and a ton of near falls. At one point Bate and Devlin were on the top rope, I’m not sure what the original plan was maybe a superplex, but Devlin would end up hitting a Spanish Fly off the top in a great spot but Bate kicked out. The crowd is going absolutely bananas at this point. The finish would come when Bate hits Devlin with a huge headbutt, followed by a Tyler Driver, and a top rope corkscrew for the win. Great match. Too long but great match.

HHH, William Regal, and Johnny Saint stand up and clap for these men out of respect.

Fatal-Four Way Ladder for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Gallus def Grizzled Young Veterans, Imperium and Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews 

The theme of the night continues. These eight men put on a fantastic match. While it was good it wasn’t great. Of course, there were some great spots and high flying in the match but it didn’t live up to my Match of the Night expectations for me. The match started with these guys beating the hell out of each other. Imperium’s Aichner and Barthel are so good. So serious they are fantastic heels. I really expected them to win this match and go into World’s Collide with the tag titles. I was wrong. After about 15 minutes of your typical ladder match moments, all eight guys were in the ring on ladders. In a wild spot, bodies started flying everywhere. James Drake hit maybe the best 450 splash I’ve ever seen on Andrews. It had so much power behind it. Imperium would follow suit with a European Bomb. Gallus takes out Imperium. Webster and Andrews brawl with Gallus. They end up getting Gallus on two tables on the outside. Coffey went through his table (accidentally) so Morgan and Andrews came off the same side of the ladder with a Swanton Bomb through Wolfgang in an awesome spot that I’ve never seen. Andrews/Morgan goes for the belts. GYV stop them and take them out. Imperium takes out GYV. Gallus clears the ring of everyone and climbs the ladder to retain their gold. Good match.

NXT UK Championship: Walter def Joe Coffey

Ok…ok…ok…I sound redundant here but this is another physical match. These two dudes are beating the hell out of each other. The Empress Ballroom is going wild for this match. You can hear the strikes throughout the arena. Joe Coffey is the first guy is has the physical traits to square off against Walter. Going into the match I thought it was a lock Walter would retain but as Walter struck Coffey with strike after strike I thought maybe just maybe Coffey could pull this off. Was I wrong? Will Gallus hold all the gold at the end of the night? After a series of reversals, Walter goes for a running dropkick on Coffey but he ducks and the ref was taken out. This would bring Alexander Wolfe to the ring. Ilja Dragunov would follow Wolfe and take him out. As he takes out Wolfe, Wolfe hits Coffey’s knee. Walter takes Dragunov out and follows Coffey outside. Powerbomb on the apron to Coffey. Walter is beating the hell out of Coffey. Monster clothesline from Walter. A new ref runs out 1-2.. Coffey kicked out!! Wolfe and Dragunov are fighting outside the ring as Walter climbs up to the top rope. Coffey follows him up and hits a belly to back suplex off the top. Some more hard-hitting strikes. Walter hits a powerbomb and a top rope splash that should have ended it but Coffey somehow kicked out. Coffey would try to get some offense in but Walter is too much. Sleeper hold. Sleeper hold suplex. Powerbomb. Powerbomb. HUGE chop to the back and a sleeper headlock neck submission from the mat and Coffey taps out. WHAT A MATCH!!!

After the match Imperium is celebrating in the ring. As they are the crowd is going crazy…UNDISPUTED ERA IS HERE. They get in the ring and we have a brawl. They take out Aichner, Barthel, and Wolfe leaving Walter alone in the ring. Walter tries to take them on but to no avail. They lay out the UK Champion and celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air. World’s Collide is going to be great.

Final Thoughts

This show was fantastic. NXT can do no wrong. This may have been the best UK Takeover yet and that is saying a lot because they all are awesome. Match of the night was Walter vs Joe Coffey. With the Women’s title match coming a very very close second. While no titles may have changed tonight every match left you thinking one would. The show was physical. Every match was physical. Eddie Denis looks like the real deal. Piper Niven is a future champion. Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin should be competing for a mid-card title, that would have made that great match that much better. I am slightly disappointed Imperium didn’t walk out with the tag titles but maybe they challenge Undisputed Era at Takeover: Portland. Great show. It kept me highly entertained with great storytelling and action throughout.

What was your match of the night?

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