Out On Redbox: Brightburn Doesn’t Burn So Bright

Spoiler Filled So You Don’t Have To Waste Your Time On This One

Touted as a “subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror”, I have been waiting with anticipation for Brightburn to finally make its way to Redbox. To say I was underwhelmed in almost every way would be an understatement.

Let me start by saying this movie is unnecessarily gory. From the overly long shot of someone pulling a shard of glass from their eye or the scene of someone getting their jaw ripped off by a steering wheel, I think the film would have been better off toning it down. I am not against gore, this is a horror film after all, but it seemed like the only purpose it played was to classify this movie as a horror film.

The concept of this movie was so intriguing to me. What if young Superman took the wrong fork in the road? But, Brightburn was much more convoluted. It took this simple concept and inserted so many unanswered questions into the story that I’m still not sure where it was trying to go. The most confusing question arises when Brandon seemed to be possessed by the spaceship that brought him to earth. The film never explained or explored why Brandon seemed to be overtaken by the craft and why it was telling him to “take the world”. In the end, it left me wondering if Brandon had been taken over by something or if he was truly evil. The answer to this question completely changes the tone of this film and we are left to figure it out on our own. 

The worst part of this movie was the characters. There was zero character development for anyone in this movie. I could care less who lived or died. Even Brandon as the main character had about two minutes of background beyond the current timeline. This is where Brightburn crashed and burned. The film tried to rely solely on its concept of being a superhero horror movie. It forgot to build characters to care about and a good story along the way. In the end, Brandon reigns and I couldn’t care less.

Brightburn gets a solid one out of five from me.