Overwatch 2? Is a Sequel on the Horizon?

To a bit of surprise, Blizzard has ‘leaked’ that Overwatch 2 may be coming along. No real information has come out, only an accidental release of artwork for a potential game. It has raised a lot of speculation about if it is real or even a ‘leak’. Another question, of course, is the why.

First, I raise the question if it was an accidental leak at all. The timing is interesting as the company is in hot water after banning a Hearthstone Champion after he voiced his opinion on the Hong Kong protests. The company not wanting to upset the Chinese side of business decided to ban the player and fire the people interviewing him. With all that said it is more likely that this may have leaked to distract their fan base.

Another thing to think about is Blizzard’s high standards for the release of a game. In their early years, they have flushed a game that was going gold (almost done). Not just once, but several times. One specific example is Starcraft Ghost.

Another question I want to raise is why does Overwatch need a sequel unless they wanted to expand beyond the original limits of the game. The game is currently, will probably remain, being a Team Fortress 2 like game. However, one of the gripes about the original game is it does not provide any actual story or even a real single player. With a second game being worked on, it could allow for that.

Personally I am on a strike for their games. I will not play any of their games until they reverse their ban and apologize. Not even because I disagree with their position on the Hong Kong protests, but because of how they treated a player’s freedom of speech. That is my personal opinion and goes into the realm of conversation beyond the scope of this article.