Toto- A Legendary American Band

The Band started back in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. They were all session musicians. It started with Jeff Porcaro and David Paich, Jeff’s younger brother, Steve Porcaro, and Steve Lukather. Childhood friends who met in school, and

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings TeamRecordOpponent1Ravens 12-2Browns 249ers 11-3Rams 3Saints 11-3Titans 4Seahawks 11-3Cardinals 5Chiefs 10-4Bears 6Patriots 11-3Bills 7Vikings

Breaking the Habit-Linkin Park

Unlike most of my articles, this one is a bit darker and more serious. If that is not what you came here for then I advise you skip to another one. If you would still like to know what this article’s content is about, then please look at

Let’s talk about Symbiotes (Venom)

With the way things are going with Tom Holland and the Venom movies, we need to learn about Symbiotes. We already know that we are getting Carnage and there are many others. The movie alluded to a lot of the different characteristics of a

Destiny: The Game of Unforced Errors

I played the first Destiny, largely had to play by myself at the time, but I did play. I loved the trailers I saw and went ahead and bought the collector's edition or whatever they called their premium version. I reasoned with myself that

UFC 245: Usman vs Covington Preview

UFC 245: Usman vs Covington Preview UFC 245 is coming to us from the T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It all happens tonight, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019. The action

Why Obi Wan Is Luke’s Father

There are not many reasons I could convince people to rewatch the prequels to Star Wars, that don’t involve a ransom note. However, while recently rewatching them myself, (in preparation for the new Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker) I