MLB Opioid Issues Run Deeper Than Skaggs

Did MLB Just Get Caught With Its Hand In The Opioid Jar? In the immediate aftermath of Tyler Skaggs’ death, Major League Baseball sounded all the right notes. We saw the legitimate grief of his shattered teammates, tributes from

Tony Romo’s case for NFL HOF

QBs are often at the forefront of most hot button debates. There are so many variables that contribute to a QBs true value from passing yards, TDs, and interceptions to wins, 4th quarter comebacks, and QBR. This leads us to spend hours

John Morrison Signs Multi-Year Contract with WWE

Reported on WWE Backstage on FS1 by Ryan Satin, John Morrison is officially returning to the WWE. There were rumors two months ago that the former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion would be returning to the WWE. Those rumors were then

Netflix’s I Am Mother- Spoiler Free Review

Trust Me… I Am Mother I Am Mother was a suspense-filled, who do I trust conundrum. Although the trailer promised a little more action than the movie delivered, the suspense lingered the whole time. I

The WWFT (World Wrestling Football Team)

The WWFT (World Wrestling Football Team) It is 2021 and the XFL has failed for a 2nd time. After a semi-successful debut, the league is ultimately shorted out by reduced interest in football not branded by the NFL, much like every

Bob Gibson- The Greatest Cardinals Pitcher of All Time

How do you begin writing about Bob Gibson? I mean, really, how do you start? You can go with the Obvious 251 Wins, greatest Cardinals pitcher of all time, the 1.12 ERA in 1968 that was, in part, the reason MLB lowered the Pitchers Mound in

CM Punk vs John Cena- Money in the Bank 2011

I want to preface this article by saying before CM Punk cut his now-legendary pipe bomb promo, I wasn’t much of a fan of Punk. I thought he was a self-important douchebag after his straight edge society days of trying to push his beliefs

The Top 30 Comic Book Movies of All Time

30. Blade Wesley Snipes stars as our titular hero Blade. He was and is the first African American to star in a comic book movie as the lead. 29. Man Of Steel After the terrible, fire dumpster of Superman Returns, we get this

4 Stranger Things Season 4 Predictions

Here’s my SPOILER filled hot takes for Stranger Things Season 4: Hopper is ALIVE! I know….Not much of a hot take. Considering my wife vowed to quit the show altogether after Hopper “died”, this should come as good news. Most

Recommended Anime: My Hero Academia

There are certain anime and manga that I enjoy. Some that I recommend to others because they are easy to share enjoy and some that I don’t talk about. Kill La Kill being an example because it is one of those that is just weird. Impossible

Best College Football Uniforms 2019

We are just days away from the kickoff of the 2019 NCAA Football season getting underway. I have compiled a list of new uniforms that will be debuted this season and will let you know the ones that I think are the best looking.

Aaliyah: A Fallen Angel

Aaliyah Haughton was a unique star, a star so bright, she had to dim and fade out. 18 years later, the world still feels her soul, that illuminates the sky, to this day. On this day, in 2001, pop icon Aaliyah was taken in a tragic plane

Pixar Films Ranked: From Worst To Best

Since the release of their first full-length feature film, Toy Story, on November 22nd, 1995, Pixar has become a household name and one of the most celebrated animation studios on the planet. Ranging from toys that are alive to superheroes