Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal

Seven years ago today saw the release of one of my all-time favourite albums in Bring Me The Horizon’s fourth studio effort, Sempiternal. It was the beginning of the mainstream commercial success that the group is currently experiencing.

Matches to binge during quarantine

All sports fans have been starving for content since the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Wrestling fans are especially feeling the strain because they’ve grown accustomed to their weekly routines. Many fans have turned to reliving old

Devour (2005) now available on Amazon Prime

Devour is a favorite hidden gem of mine. Devour was released to video quietly back in 2005 and that's when I first had purchased it on DVD. Now I will say that this movie is sort of similar to Stay Alive. Both films feature a killer new

Guilty Movie Pleasure Pick – COMMANDO

The world is in a weird place right now. Big time movies that were supposed to come out in theaters are being postponed. And even when movie theaters reopen we still don't know when they will be back up to operating full force. So to help

Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft

Welcome to the initial New England Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft from AEE. This mock draft will be slightly different than other mock drafts you have read. In this mock draft, I will be using the simulator. Here

Three Thoughts on the Astros Cheating Debacle

To say the Astros have had a horrible offseason would be putting it lightly. Manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow have been fired. I just wanted to weigh in on the Houston Astros cheating debacle. Here are my thoughts as an

Ishii should be IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Tomohiro Ishii is a journeyman wrestler. He has become a cult favorite because of his strong work. Unfortunately Ishii has never won the big one in NJPW. Ishii has had two shots at the IWGP Heavyweight Championship but has come up short

New Movie Releases On Demand NOW

With Coronavirus shutting down everything from sports to movies and now whole cities and states are making everyone take shelter at home. Millions will be working from their house or laid off. Most of the movies that were in theaters were

Final Destination Movie Rankings and Reboot

Fans of the Final Destination franchise will be happy to know that they are currently working on a Final Destination reboot. The Final Destination movies are regarded as great slasher

iHeartRadio Living Room Concert Full Show

Sunday night music fans got to see a concert in their living room. Fox and iHeartRadio presented the iHeart Living Room Concert hosted by Elton John. Performers included The Backstreet

Vivarium Review

Vivarium is available to buy on digital and for rent on video on demand. Having finished the film, it was hard to tell whether they were going for a horror film or a sci-fi thriller.


Hey guys, Tony from Toned in Entertainment here. What happens when two of pop cultures' biggest icons, Masters of the Universe and the WWE collide? We get these awesome Walmart exclusive MASTERS OF THE WWE UNIVERSE action figures. Not only