Tony Romo’s case for NFL HOF

QBs are often at the forefront of most hot button debates. There are so many variables that contribute to a QBs true value from passing yards, TDs, and interceptions to wins, 4th quarter comebacks, and QBR. This leads us to spend hours

Current Player Draft-One Game Winner Take All.

Current Player Draft-One Game Winner Take All We just finished up our current NFL player draft. The premise of the draft was to draft a team that would win one game right now. It's not for the future it is for right now. The only

Warframe Devstream 136 Review

Warframe Devstream 136 Review Written by Jerred “Jack” Fournier It is no secret that I love playing Warframe. It is free to play and has never charged a player a dime for additional content. The only thing that is locked behind

FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Eight)

NJPW PRESENTS CMLL FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Eight) MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2020 Korakuen Hall By: Gary Schweder This is the final night of FANTASTICA MANIA. It’s been a fun tour of cultural exchange. My ears will

FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Seven)

NJPW PRESENTS CMLL FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Seven) SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 2020 Korakuen Hall By: Gary Schweder I wish more wrestling promotions did partnership events like FANTASTICA MANIA. It breaks up the

Every #1 Entrant in the Royal Rumble

With the Royal Rumble only a weeks away and Brock Lesnar going in as the first entrant, the only questions people seem to be asking is, will Brock win the Rumble? Who will eliminate Brock Lesnar? Below is a list of every wrestler who

Guess Who’s Back? Shady with a New Album!

Guess who's back? Shady with a new album! Eminem shocked the World again at midnight on Friday, January 17th when his Twitter said he dropped a new album! The first time he surprised his fans was 18 months ago when he shocked


NJPW PRESENTS CMLL FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Six) FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2020 Korakuen Hall By: Gary Schweder FANTASTICA MANIA is a yearly change of pace for NJPW fans. CMLL brings new excitement with them to

Tribute to Betty White As She Turns 98 Today

Betty White Turns 98 Today Today the great Betty White turns 98. What a life and career she has had. She has been in the show business for over 65 years. White actually got her start in radio, before she landed roles in television and

Aaliyah: A Fallen Angel

Aaliyah Haughton was a unique star, a star so bright, she had to dim and fade out. 18 years later, the world still feels her soul, that illuminates the sky, to this day. On this day, in 2001, pop icon Aaliyah was taken in a tragic plane