2019 MLB Playoff Predictions

The MLB playoffs are finally upon us. The Washington Nationals came back in shocking fashion to defeat the Brewers on Tuesday night. The Nationals now travel to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers. Last night, the Rays went into Oakland and

CM Punk signs a Deal to Join WWE Backstage

It is being reported that Cm Punk has signed a deal to join WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1. The show has a one year deal with Fox. It is scheduled to debut in November. It is important to note that based on the reports and rumors, Punk had

Captain Marvel – Star Wars?

Rumors were ablaze all over twitter land the other day about Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) ending up as a ‘major character’ in a new Star Wars movie series. There is a lot to unfold about that and the reaction, but I want a small aside

Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Pride for Pink

Cancer affects us all in one way or another. Today is the first day of October which starts breast cancer awareness month. Women in sports for decades have defied the odds and motivated little girls to want to play sports. Some of the

Austin Aries to AEW?

Former WWE Star Austin Aries is teasing, coming to AEW. He sure is trolling the IWC if he is not. Aries posted a photo of Aries himself walking into his living room, sitting on his couch, wearing an “ImWithAEW" shirt.

Wednesday’s Waiver Warriors – Week 5

For the majority of fantasy football leagues, waivers run on Wednesdays. AEE Fantasy is here to help you prioritize the guys you need to be picking up to help improve your fantasy football team. Top Priority QB Jameis

NFC West Week 4 Recap

Seahawks-27 @ Cardinals-10 Before we get into the game, we have to take a moment to recognize it. Larry Fitzgerald now is second to only Jerry Rice in career receptions. With this reception below, Larry Fitz passed Tony Gonzalez on the

AFC West Week 4 Recap

We are officially a quarter of the way through football season folks. The Chiefs keep their undefeated streak alive. The Chargers win in Miami for the first time in 38 years. The Raiders get a big win. The Broncos blow a lead to remain

AFC South Week 4 Throw Down

Welcome to the AFC South throw down, where we recap the AFC Division games from this past weekend. Go ahead and grab a seat, let’s throw it down!!! AFC South teams went 2-2 this weekend, Mariota decides to shine again while Minshew

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

A month down into the 2019 season and the Patriots and the Chiefs are the easy 1 and 2 picks in virtually everyone's power rankings. If they aren’t then just stop watching football. AEE is bringing you our week 5 power rankings as always.