Lowdown on Smackdown- 7/23/19

Smackdown opened up with a dramatic video package from last week's episode recapping everything that happened between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. From Shane telling Kevin to leave the arena; to Kevin dropping multiple stunners on

WWE Raw in Review- 7/22/19

Raw opened up tonight in my backyard of Tampa, Florida, with John Cena kicking off the show. He would come down to the ring, call people out on them praising him instead of chanting that he sucks, give this speech about how the WWE ring

The Lowdown on Smackdown- 7/16/19

After a brief segment between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens where Shane would ask Kevin to leave the building, and a video package of the Reigns/Taker vs. McMahon/McIntyre match at Extreme Rules, Smackdown (In the age of Bischoff) would

Raw in Review- 7/15/19

https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1150918339142664192 It's the dawning of a new era, and Raw opened up with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming down to the ring to gloat about what happened at Extreme Rules the night before. Paul Heyman

2019 Heisman Picks

2019 Heisman Preseason List Now that I have rolled out my Preseason Top 25 list, it is time for my top candidates for the Heisman Trophy. This list will comprise of the guys who I think will have the best chance at earning the coveted

2019 Fantasy QB Rankings

Patience is a virtue, and this cliché has never been more applicable than to taking quarterbacks in fantasy drafts. It has become common knowledge that you should wait on a quarterback in your draft, but there is always that one joker that

The Top 5 Fantasy Football Podcasts

With Fantasy Football peaking it’s bleary eyed head out from hibernation, it’s time to start hunting and gathering as many nuggets of information as you can so that you have the advantage in all your leagues. Knowledge is power, and that

NBA 2019: Battle for Staples Center

This NBA off-season has been one for the history books. The 2019 draft class brought in many big-name players. Free agency has left many heads spinning with big-name players on the move as well as some interesting trades. Arguably,

Extreme Rules 2019 Review

The Extreme Rules Kickoff Show started out like every Kickoff Show before, by bombarding us with every video package created for the pay-per-view half a dozen times before the main show. Somewhere between the third showing of the

MLB Trades Who/Where- Marcus Stroman Edition

Next up in the series is Toronto Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman. Stroman could very well be the most sought out arm this deadline. He should be cheaper than Noah Syndergaard and has one more year of control unlike Madison Bumgarner.

G1 Climax 29 Schedule and Predictions

NJPW G1 Climax 1 Stop Shop What a helluva time it is to be a wrestling fan!!! We are going to be your one stop shop for all things in the 2019 G1 Climax tournament!!! The best tournament of the year kicked off Saturday and the show