All Star Break MLB Power Rankings

All Star Break MLB Power Rankings 1. Los Angeles Dodgers (60-32) (-) They lost 3 straight at home but it is not any cause for concern. 2. New York Yankees (57-31) (-) The Yanks would have moved up to the top spot but they

Raw in Review-7/8/19 For the second week in a row under the rising sun that is Paul Heyman, Raw opened up tonight with an Elimination Mixed Tag Team match. It was real life couple (and certainly not

Midsommar Review

A film that I had as an underrated flick heading into this summer season. Director Ari Aster is back at it after his debut film Hereditary (Highly Underrated) with a twisted look into a pagan horror cult experience in the 21st century.

Fantasy Baseball Rookie Rankings-2020 Part One

Top 30 Fantasy Baseball Rookies for 2020-Part One 1.Andrew Vaughn 1B CHW- In real life he dropped to #3 because he is a 1B. It is some unwritten rule not to take a 1B this early. In this world however, we weigh risk/reward for one

MLB Power Rankings- 7/1/19

7/1/19 MLB Power Rankings 1. Los Angeles Dodgers (57-29) (-) They are still the top team but the Yanks are closing the gap quickly. A trip to Coors field didn’t help as Buehler and Ryu were completely shelled. 2. New York

Raw In Review- 7/1/19

Raw opens up in rare form with a match between Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley, and you didn't misread that. Not a tug of war match, not an arm wrestling match, but a Falls Count Anywhere match.