2019 MLB Season Wrap-Up

https://twitter.com/Nationals/status/1190113734649364481 The 2019 World Series will be remembered as something of a sucker-punch. We expected Justin Verlander’s storyline to center on dominance, and what we got was a man wearing a

Week 9 predictions & Preview

TNF Recap San Francisco 49ers 28, Arizona Cardinals 25 As predicted we got a fun little duel out in the desert. This game was really everything we needed to see from both teams. We’ll start with the losing team. The Cardinals

Goliath Season 3 Review

Goliath Season 3 Review Billy Bob Thronton might be done battling enemies on and off the courtroom in Amazon’s show “Goliath”, but not if he has his way. After a great series already, this season we find our drunken lawyer

City of Heroes/Villains- A Game We Miss

A few years back, around the time of World of Warcraft release, there was a game with an expansion called City of Heroes. The expansion was called City of Villains. It was early in the market for MMOs and dealt with the Superhero Genre.