Pearl Jam’s Music Video Rankings for Ten


I’m back! Tony from Toned in Entertainment here and today I’m looking at the music videos from Pearl Jam’s album TEN! In my opinion one of the greatest albums of all time. But today we’re not reviewing the songs but the music videos from this album and how well did they do the songs justice. 


Well this video does absolutely nothing for me. Most of the video is at the ocean so I guess that’s fine. Some slow-motion shots of having a good time, jumping off cliffs, and boating. Towards the end they throw is some concert footage as if they ran out of clips to use. Honestly I never remember seeing this video ever and it did nothing but bore me. My rating for Oceans is a 2.

Even Flow

Now when I’m rating these videos I’m looking for creativity and storytelling and unfortunately there’s not much here. It looks like the video was shot all at one concert and that’s all you’re getting here. Although on the positive side is it does show how hard the band rocks. But in the end it falls right at that average and my rating for Even Flow is a 5.


I’m starting to believe from doing this series that it was a requirement for a rock band to have at least one black and white video. Unfortunately just making your video black and white doesn’t cut it for being creative. The Ten album has so many incredible songs and Alive is one of them but all you’re getting here is a small more intimate concert then the Even Flow video.  Nothing else here to talk about. Such a wasted opportunity for a great song. My rating for Alive is a 5.


Maybe one of the most powerful music videos ever made is Jeremy. They’re not rocking out at concert here. Instead it’s replaced with lead singer Eddie Vedder sitting in a studio passionately telling a story of a young man who is bullied and tormented. And no matter how hard this young man tries to put these things behind him, he finally gets pushed to the edge and the lion is unleashed. The message Pearl Jam tries to portray is the consequence of your actions and in the case of Jeremy the extreme sever cases that bullying can have on someone. By far just an incredible video that gave me goosebumps re-watching this video again. My rating for Jeremy is a perfect 10 that should get a star next to it for the important message it sends.

Now the total point score for the music videos from Pearl Jam’s album Ten is 22. Divide that by four music videos and the final score is right at average with a 5.5

And unfortunately, that’s it just four music videos. You have 3 videos that are just here but then Jeremy comes in batting cleanup and hits a grand slam. I think there was a lot of wasted opportunity to have some absolutely amazing videos here. I think songs like Why Go and my favorite Pearl Jam song Black had the potential to be incredible music videos but they never were made. 

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