Phoenix Point Has Risen

Phoenix Point Has Risen

Phoenix Point has finally dropped on the Epic Launcher and it has already impressed this writer. Now full disclosure I am considered one of their backers, as I bought into their early access side. However, that was because I believed in their vision of their game and I am not disappointed.

For further disclosure, I became aware of this oncoming game when MadTechie told me it was coming and I should watch it. He and I have a competitive history playing a somewhat similar game called Xcom, so he knows my preferences. When he tried the beta, he gave it his highest grade ever. He simply said, “I like it.”

With just a simple line I knew it was a good game and started my research into it. Shortly after I got my backer to build buy-in and chose not to touch it until release. MadTechie continued to dive into it. His leaks of what you could make me more excited for the release. Just simple mechanics that I felt changed the genre made me ready to play.

Now the game is out and I got to play last night (as of this writing). I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. The game has both simplicities for those who want it and complexity for those who want to micromanage. Even just diving into the game for the first time you feel your nerves tighten as you don’t know what you are going to fight.

Several things I have yet to explore, but my initial reaction is growing excitement. These are some of the things I am being told by MadTechie, but the idea that the enemy evolves. Not just new monsters to fight, but the monsters literally evolve based on how you fight them. Making no two games or even two fights the same. With the added touch of vehicles and giant monsters being a thing. I am ready to fully dive into this game. (Doing my finals in school right now)

As an editorial note, I did reach out to the creators to see if they had any comments, but they dropped the ball on that.