Raiders Will Release Antonio Brown

This morning the Oakland Raiders have released WR Antonio Brown making him a free agent. I repeat Oakland WR Antonio Brown is now a free agent. What a circus this has been between Brown and the Raiders. AB came into Oakland with a new beginning and instead it was more of the same drama and turmoil.

Brown’s Turmoil Timeline:

  • The turmoil started with him getting frostbite
  • A helmet issue caused him not to attend training camp, AB then posted a letter of the fine he received on his IG account
  • Brown threatens GM Mike Mayock with physical violence
  • Brown issues a heartfelt and emotional apology to Mayock and the Raiders organization
  • AB was suiting up for Monday night according to coach Gruden
  • Brown released a video last night on how he is more than just a football player. With it was a recorded conversation between AB and Gruden playing in the background
  • The Raiders fine Brown more than 215K
  • Antonio then asks for a release
  • The Raiders grant him his release

The Raiders will not take a cap hit and Brown will not get his 30 million dollar guarantee. He does not have to go through waivers. Once the release goes through, at 4:00 pacific time Brown will be a free man.

We will keep up to date with the never-ending Antonio Brown saga and what his next move will be.

I predict he will be lining up for Tampa Bay in 2019.