Ready Or Not: In-Laws. Am I Right?

If you have a problem with your In-laws, the ultra-rich, or are just mad at life, Ready Or Not is the movie for you. A dark, twisted, and hilarious horror-comedy, the film is about a young bride (Samara Weaving: The Babysitter. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) as she joins her husband’s (Mark O’Brien: Arrival. Parallel) wealthy, eccentric family, who made their money from creating board games, in a time-honored tradition where they play a night-long game before she’s considered family. As we quickly learn, she had the misfortune of picking Hide and Seek.

Set inside this giant cliche of a mansion with maids, dumbwaiters, secret hallways, and doors, Grace quickly understands how dangerous the game is when she witnesses a maid get murdered who was confused for her. From then on out it’s a game of survival as the Le Domas family needs to kill her before sunrise or someone named Mr. Le Bail will arrive and kill them all.

Ready Or Not is a long, slow start as the writers (Guy Busick, Ryan Murphy) develop each of the characters as much as possible before the fun starts. In a way, you can see them trying to get you emotionally invested in each of the Addams Family rejects before their demise. Once the fun begins, the characters become more lively and enjoyable in these bloody and hilarious situations, ultimately leading to a twist and an ending so absurd it makes sense.

If you have a weak constitution towards blood a gore, this is not the movie for you. You’ve been warned.