Recommended Anime: My Hero Academia

There are certain anime and manga that I enjoy. Some that I recommend to others because they are easy to share enjoy and some that I don’t talk about. Kill La Kill being an example because it is one of those that is just weird. Impossible to explain and full of adult jokes.

My Hero Academia is absolutely one that I will gladly recommend to people. The storytelling is beyond amazing with it. There is a scene in the first episode that broke my heart. Without giving you spoilers, it just makes you almost go to tears. All because of how well you feel empathy for these characters.

The story itself, it is about Superheroes. More specifically about a character nicknamed Deku and his quest to become a hero. In their society, around 75% of all humans have a quirk. A power that can be passed down or wholly unique. Deku doesn’t have one but still wants to be a superhero.

You quickly find out he falls into the nerd anime troupe for the story, but as the story progresses you actively see him grow as a person. Even some of the side characters make the story so much more enjoyable. Things you see them do early in the series, begin to show new light as you learn more about who they are. Making this show an easy rewatch.

The number 1 hero in this world is All-Might. He is also the idol for Deku, an example of the hero he wants to be. No spoilers, but he does end up being his mentor. Another character that just evolves before your eyes as you learn more about who they are.

One of the other things that I like in a good anime to have for me to recommend it is the ability to suggest it in English. Not that it does or does not have English available, but the voices are fitting to the character. (One reason I do not usually suggest One Piece). This one has some of the usual actors, but perfectly casted. With the previously mentioned All-Might being voiced by Vegeta/Piccolo or if you’ve seen it Louis Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist. With All-Might suppose to be the ‘American’ like superhero who is loud, confident and boisterous, it fits.

The show has 3 seasons out already with the 4th coming out this month (October 2019). It’s on Hulu and on the Funimation website. Give the first few episodes a try (recommend 3).

If you are not hooked by then, then the show is not for you.