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Regularly Scheduled Hostilities

What’s going on guys welcome to Regularly Scheduled Hostilities! We are your hosts are Josh and Chuck.

We have been doing this podcast since July 3rd of 2019. Both of us have been die-hard wrestling fans since we were little kids and love talking the business.

Occasionally we will bring on guests and have appearances by Michael Bennett, Phillip Stover, and Yvonne DeBord!! We cover everything in the world of WWE and AEW. Enough about us now let’s talk some wrestling!!

5 Losers from the 2020 NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is behind us and it was fun as it usually is. We sat on our couches, drank our adult beverages, yelled at the TV when our team made a pick we like. We laughed at our rival team when they made a pick we thought was stupid

Wrestlemania 36 Breakdown

Hey, everyone, we are back for Episode 40 of Regularly Scheduled Hostilities where we dive in and break down everything about Wrestlemania 36 from this past weekend. We crown a new RSH Wrestling PPV Champion and also break down the RAW