Remaking the Impossible-Home Alone Reboot to Take Place

News broke within the last 24 hours, that holiday classic, Home Alone was being rebooted. A film that shaped my childhood. The Christmas comedy, made every kid of the era want to be as rebellious, and clever as Kevin MCcalister. It even spawned a solidly funny sequel. We won’t mention the dumpster fires that occurred afterward. Those were desperate and minus Macaulay.

You must be asking yourself the same question. Why? Is Hollywood really that evil? I mean, yes. But we aren’t having that convo right now. The remakes, reboots and reloaded projects need to slow to a crawl. As the great Nasir Jones, once said, No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun, ain’t about what you do, but how it’s done. Believe me, I get the concept. What is really original anymore? I just ask for effort and some dedication. Home Alone was the perfect blend of funny, absurdity and family sentimentality, rolled in one. Sprinkle some Christmas on top, and it was a cornucopia of joy.

In closing, I ask for creatives to keep fighting the good fight. People like Jordan Peele are proof storytelling can still be vivid and fresh. Continuing to churn rancid butter is poor for moviegoers health. But hey, I will likely still view it.

Just like 90’s kids will tune in for a 90210 remake, today. Rest easy, Luke Perry. You were the light amidst the redundancy.

On the next episode of Once upon a time in Hollywood….

Corey Reighn