Report: AEW Championship Belt Stolen!

On Saturday night, at All Elite Wrestling’s ALL OUT pay-per-view, Chris Jericho would become the promotions inaugural champion, besting Adam Hangman Page in a bloody match, but now it’s being reported that the World Heavyweight Title has been stolen.

What would be first thought of as a prank or the set-up for a storyline leading into All Elite Wrestling’s new television show on TNT, has been confirmed as David Bixenspan tweeted out “Tallahassee Police confirm that this is real. Jericho’s belt was stolen.”

The police have released a blurb telling the story of how Chris Jericho had his AEW World Title stolen.

Fingers crossed that whoever stole the belt will have a change of heart and return it. It’s heartbreaking to see this sort of controversy happen before the gate could even be opened. Having said that, this is going to make one hell of a story in the future where we all will laugh about it.