Report: WWE Looking To Hire More Female Referees

According to Squared Circle Sirens Casey Michael, WWE may be interested in hiring some new, specifically female, referees.

This past Saturday All Elite Wrestling hosted their final pay-per-view before their television show debuts on TNT (October 2, 2019). While there were many amazing moments at ALL OUT, one of the most talked about is Aubrey Edwards, who made history officiating over the main event match for the AEW World Championship between Chris Jericho and Hangman Page.

Currently WWE has 21 referees, with Jessika Carr as the only female. Carr mainly officiates over NXT matches with the occasional main roster match.

There is a general shortage of referees in the world of Sports Entertainment given to the fact that the job is far more complicated than some may think. According to Michael, there will be a tryout held in the near future, but is unsure if it will be for more performers, or whether WWE is simply looking for more female referees.

If WWE is looking for more female referees, then it’s clearly in response to the reaction and support Aubrey Edwards has been receiving since Saturday when at one point during the match, a bloodied Chris Jericho tried to bully her by pushing her, and she confronted Jericho, getting inches from his face.

Outside of being able to count a pin, check on submissions, and be knocked out for obscene amounts of time from something as little as a dirty look, the referee’s number one role is to ensure the health and safety of the wrestlers inside the ring.