Ric Ocasek-The Epitome of Cool

Sadly, today the world lost another musical legend on Sunday, September 15th, 2019. Ric Ocasek, formerly the lead singer of the band, The Cars. Ric passed away at 75 years of age. Ric was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 23, 1944.

When he was 16 his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he attended Antioch College and Bowling Green University. Ocasek would pursue a career in music and in that pursuit he met Benjamin Orr.

Together they would form the band The Cars. Ocasek was the lead singer while Orr was the bassist. They both would sing on their hit songs. Ocasek met Orr in 1965 when Orr was performing with his band The Grasshoppers in Cleveland. Orr and Ocasek would go on to mainstream success.

Ocasek had a free spirit and that spirit helped him bring in a new wave of music. Ocasek had the idea to combine moody rock music with catchy hooks. This formula worked for Ocasek and The Cars.

He was more than just a free spirit. He lived and breathed music. Whether it was singing, writing, or producing which he did later in his career. Ocasek wrote many of The Cars hit songs including “Let’s Go” which is sung by Benjamin Orr, the band’s first top 20 hit.

Ric was the epitome of cool. He had a great voice and gave us the gift of his music. The world lost another great one today. While Ric may be gone his free spirit and music will live on forever.