Riverdale Season 4 is now on Netflix


The CW’s Riverdale season 4 has now been added to Netflix.

The CW struck gold with Riverdale by bringing the famous Archie comics to life. Even though this series is more of a teen drama, each season is completely dark and filled with death and murders.

So far most of the show has been about Archie and his group of friends who work together to solve various crimes.

Sadly season 3 was the last season to feature Luke Perry who played Archie’s dad starting in season 1. Molly Ringwald has a few brief appearances in the show as Archie’s mother. Other actors who play the kid’s parents on the show are more notably Skeet Ulrich, Madchen Amick, Marisol Nichols, and Mark Consuelos.

To break the show down real quick, season 1 started with the tragic murder of a teenage boy from a very prominent and wealthy family. Season 2 dealt with a hooded serial killer named the Black Hood. Season 3 finds the teens paying for their parent’s sins after a mysterious board game sparks real-life murders and season 4 deals with an unknown threat and the main kids’ senior year of high school.

This show is a completely addicting TV show and season 5 will return on the CW in January of 2021.

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