Road To WrestleKingdom: Huge Title Stakes Announced

WrestleKingdom 14 is less than two months away and with everything going on in New Japan Pro Wrestling right now, they only just raised the stakes.

So originally the plans were as follows:

Mr. Destino himself Tetsuya Naito vs the IWGP Intercontinental Champion Switchblade Jay White.

As well as the winner of 2019 G1 Climax, the Golden Star Kota Ibushi takes on The Rainmaker and probably the greatest IWGP Heavyweight Champion in NJPW history, Kazuchika Okada.

It was supposed to be those just two matches…

But with WrestleKingdom being expanded from one big night into two, there’s been a change,

During a press conference after NJPW Power Struggle, it was announced that those matches will still take place…but with one caveat…

They won’t be done after Night 1 because the winners of those matches will face off in a Winner Takes All Title For Title Match on Night 2 of WrestleKingdom 14…

The losers will face one another in a “drown your sows because you’ll probably be on the top of the card when people are still buying shirts at the stands” match.

This entire thing is huge.

Think of the history between these four men…

There’s no secret of the battles that Okada and Naito have had in the past over the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

Jay White lost his first IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Okada earlier this year.

White and Naito have been at each other’s throats for the last few months.

Naito and Ibushi feuded over the Intercontinental Championship earlier this year as well.

These are without question four of NJPW’s biggest stars and with this announcement, someone’s career will change forever.

Question is…

Who goes home with ALL of the Gold?

Of these four men, only one HAS NOT held the IWGP Intercontinental Championship in their career…Kazuchika Okada.

Of these four men, only one HAS NOT held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in their career…Kota Ibushi.

How ironic is that?

Will The Rainmaker reign with all the gold?

Will The Switchblade define himself as the legend he proclaims himself to be?

Will the charismatic Man of Destino solidify his status as one of the greatest in NJPW history?

Will The Golden Star rise to new heights and shock the world once again?

We have a long road ahead of us folks and you can best believe that All Everything Entertainment will be there to get you ready for WrestleKingdom 14.