Roman Reigns Who Did it Storyline- Why it is Interesting!

Roman Reigns Storyline: Why it is interesting!

Roman Reigns has always had a great character. He was with The Shield, a very dominant faction from the time they came on the scene. Reigns has always been believable as The Big Dog. After The Shield, he went on to be a singles competitor. He went on to have great success! Having notable feuds with Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Oh and he slayed the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The list goes on of great opponents.

On a Monday Night Raw, early this year, Roman announced to fans that his cancer was in remission, and he would be returning to in-ring action. This news was amazing to hear. I was emotional for Roman and his family as a fan. I’m telling you this, only because I know your wondering what this has to do with the current storyline he is in.

Roman has done so well, with storylines he has been in, and with the “smart” fans wanting Roman far away from the WWE title picture, the WWE needed to put him in a strong intriguing story. With this current story, they are trying to tell with him, they are trying to keep you guessing, while building intrigue at the same time. This story has a lot of “attitude era” feels to it.

It started on Smackdown Live with Kayla Braxton waiting to interview the Big Dog, on his route to the interview, scaffolding was knocked over on top of him. Everyone in the back rushes to check on him and somehow he walked away unscathed.

Roman than goes on a manhunt to find out who attacked him, blaming Samoa Joe and “trashing” his name. The plot thickens on Raw where Samoa Joe wants Roman Reigns attention, Joe is adamant that he did not attack Reigns.

When Reigns pulled up to the arena, Joe went to the parking lot to confront him, a car crashed into the truck Reigns got out of, ultimately another act trying to take out Reigns. However, it is still unknown who did it. Samoa Joe is clearly not the one attacking Reigns.

Footage was then released of the scaffolding falling on Reigns showing one superstar at the scene, Buddy Murphy.

On the next episode of Smackdown Live, we see Roman clear out the locker room to confront Murphy, who claimed he did not know who was after Reigns. After minutes of Reigns beating down Murphy, he gets him to tell him who it was. Rowan. It was Rowan.

Both Rowan and Daniel Bryan adamantly deny these allegations. In Murphy’s first match in seemingly three months, he wrestled Apollo Crews on the preshow of Summerslam. Rowan didn’t let this match last long as he came out made quick work of Murphy, screaming at him to keep his name out of his mouth in the process.

For Murphy this led to him having, what I think are two of the best matches on television in months, with Reigns and Daniel Bryan on Smackdown. This storyline is going to elevate him on the big brand and give him the push us fans have yearned for.

If you remember Bryan and Rowan interrogated Murphy as well and beat him down to the point of saying he had lied about seeing Rowan.

This led to Roman finally confronting Rowan and Bryan. Asking them if they were behind it, or if they know who did. They of course deny it but say they know who it was and will reveal who next week on Smackdown Live!

Come Smackdown Live, we get a man in a hood that Rowan and Bryan have in the backstage area. The hood was removed and it was a guy who looks like Rowan but a bit heavier. This left Reigns looking surprised but suspicious.

With all this said. You need long slow building storylines that continue over time. It helps elevate stories with superstars not involved in the title picture and allows you to include multiple people along the line. Building a story like this around Roman and giving him good TV time without being in the title picture is great. So far this story has elevated Buddy Murphy and Rowan. Murphy put on two of the absolute best matches this year on free TV and in the process showed why many of us think he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

Now Murphy gets the rub and a program with two of WWE’s biggest stars in Reigns and Bryan. It also can elevate Rowan as it portrays him as a monster with no regard for Reigns’ livelihood. Everyone benefits here and it won’t stop here. It could, but I believe there is so much more to come with this story. Some fans don’t get or like it but to those people I say be patient, you never know what to expect in the world of Sports Entertainment!

This all seems like we are leading to a Reigns and Bryan feud that has potential to be phenomenal. It could also lead to the long awaited return of Luke Harper.

This story is seemingly just getting started and has already done great things by keeping Reigns away from the title picture, elevating Buddy Murphy, and keeping Bryan and Rowan relevant and in an engaging feud.

The skies the limit for this story. Sit back and enjoy.