RWBY: A New Chapter

It’s announced that Volume 7 of RWBY is being released Nov 2. This new season allows us to see a city we have only heard about in passing. We only got a glimpse of it at the end of Volume 6. Now we get to see all of it.

RWBY is a, I am going to call it Anime. It technically isn’t, but it is a 3D rendered animated American show, created by Rooster Teeth. The company that brought us Red Vs Blue along with quite a few other little cartoons. As we have watched it go from Volume 1 all the way through 6 we have seen the evolution of the art style and storytelling mature. Though that may be tied to the death of the original creator on the storytelling side.

From this point, I am not going to hold back on spoilers. You have been warned. If you want to watch to date what is out. It is free on Youtube and on the Rooster Teeth Website.

From the first time, we met Ruby, or Red, to the point that the screen turned off at the arrival to the Kingdom of Atlas, we have seen the evolution of this show. Originally the show having low render rates and not even providing skins to extra. Now the show gives us detailed fights between the monsters and the main characters.

The show broke our hearts when fan favorites were killed on screen. (Names being withheld for my editor’s sake). Our world torn apart as a fortress to the world’s evil fell apart. We also smiled and laughed as the antics of the RWBY, Juniper and even during their short time as Ranger came and went.

The show has no problem creating trauma to their characters. Something as a writer I find hard to do. However, they not only do that, but they also help them move beyond their trauma. With the death of a loved one they react as anyone would. They grieve, but they do the hardest thing. They move on. They become stronger.

Two seasons ago we finally found out the ability that Jaune fought so long to unlock. It was a Deus Ex moment, but it still felt earned. A character who we see grow from a guy who barely knew how to use a sword. To a true huntsman who stands on his own to feet. Not just the guy who could lead his team, but one who was able to fight alongside them.

We watch as Ruby goes through trauma, after losing, and still keeps her childlike disposition. Her caring and love towards her friends and family. All while learning the burdens she has to carry and what is expected of her to moving forward. Even while losing her trust in people she once hero-worshiped.

Yang, Ruby’s half-sister, goes from being this confident rage fighter to being broken. Losing a critical fight we see her lose that spark that made her the character we loved. If the story ended there we would have been heartbroken. It wasn’t long though before she returns. Not fighting as the berserker we saw previously, but as a serious and strong fighter could always be. Even overcoming her own personal PTSD.

This isn’t even all the evolutions of the characters. I could go on talking about Nora Valkyrie, one of my personal favorites. About Qrow, or his sister. Maybe even talk about the side characters of Team Coffee. Instead of doing that, I am going to let you watch it. If this is your first time hearing about this show. (Looking at my editor). Then you get to enjoy for the first time a show that will break your heart and make you smile.

If you have already seen it, then you get to revisit some great friends and moments. Watch as some characters rise, and some fall. Enjoy moments of triumph and mourn the moments of loss. All while the story keeps moving forward.

I am going to finish this with my favorite joke in the whole show. One of my favorite characters is Qrow (pronounced Crow). He has had his moments where he slipped from that spot, but the reasons for it are understandable. (Not going to say here). What I am going to share is the name of the first place you ever see him.

A bar conveniently named “The Crowbar”