Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski believe in each other in Imaginary Friends

Sometimes there seems to be a match made in comedy heaven. In this case, it’s Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski in Imaginary Friends. The script for this film lit a firestorm under multiple companies behinds as they tried to acquire rights to the story. Sony and Lionsgate being the top two and now Paramount looking like its closed the deal for themselves.

Imaginary Friends centers around a world that has imaginary friends that help children and then are forgotten when they get older. Reynolds’ character would play a person who can see and hear these friends and tries to help them move on with their lives. If the invisible don’t move on they become something more evil than the fun-loving creatures they once were. 

Imaginary friends that can turn evil is not new. This concept is not new with some fun shows like Happy! Starring Christopher Meloni and Patton Oswalt playing a foul-mouthed unicorn. Even an episode of the CW’s Supernatural was devoted to these children’s helpers. With a great performance by Nate Torrence as “Sully” looking to save his best friend by going to his former kid, he helped, being the showrunner “Sam” played by Jared Padalecki. 

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski are most famous for their action/comedy style of films. Ryan’s most famous being the Deadpool franchise and John’s being the hilarious show The Office and the Amazon thriller Jack Ryan. Krasinski who is rumored to play an imaginary friend to Ryan Reynolds Dr.Dolittle-esque character is no stranger to comedies himself. Being a household name after most people know him for his comedic timing. What people should really know him for is his behind the scenes camera work.

In 2018 Krasinski co-wrote, directed and starred in A Quiet Place to critical acclaim. With a sequel on the way in 2020. If all goes to plan John will be producing, writing and directing Imaginary Friends. With a great duo like this, we can only hope it’s the first of many team-ups by this comedy powerhouse.

News soon will follow for release dates and when we can see them on the big screen.