Seth Rollins-The “Monday Night Messiah” We All Needed

Seth Rollins-The “Monday Night Messiah” We All Needed

It was just two months ago that all seemed to be lost for Seth Rollins. He lost his Universal Championship to The Fiend. But maybe even more importantly, he lost his way with the fans of the WWE. All hope seemed to be lost for Rollins as he was going into Survivor Series without a direction for the first time all year. Raw then lost as Survivor Series and Rollins felt it was time to make everyone accountable. The attitude of Rollins changed. And maybe for the better. Not the better of those in the locker room or fans around the world, but better for Seth Rollins to refind his footing heading into 2020. He no longer needed to be seen as the face for the WWE Universe, but instead the Messiah of the WWE.

And so, the “Monday Night Messiah” was born. And as the Messiah has been born, followers have had zero problems linking up with this new savior to make for a new, brighter Monday Night Raw.

Rollins turned heel this past November for the first time since 2016, and the change in character led to a phenomenal moment where he turned on Owens and aligned himself with Akam and Rezar of The AOP. Buddy Murphy was the next to join the group, and he has partnered with Rollins to win the Raw tag titles. This is the sixth tag title reign for Rollins, but it marks the first for Murphy, who is one of WWE’s most underrated stars.

Things have been looking up in the career of Murphy ever since he decided to align himself with Seth Rollins and AOP. Now, Murphy is saying that what you see on television with him idolizing Seth Rollins isn’t just for show.

Murphy would say that he truly does consider Seth Rollins to be a mentor to him and the “Monday Night Messiah” is very much a praiseworthy leader in his mind.