‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere Preview & Episode 1 Recap

‘SHAMELESS’ Season 10 Premiere(2019)(SHOWTIME)

Well ‘SHAMELESS’ is back and some of you might love it and some of you may hate it. Either way, you’re winning although it’s not the ‘Shameless’ you may remember. Entering its 10th season, ‘Shameless’ is taking a new direction with their franchise. With their very first episode starting entirely new storylines with, what may be the same characters portrayed by the same actors but are definitely not the same children and adults we’ve grown to become familiar with. If the view of Debbie Gallagher (Emma Kenney) pulling down her panties and Ethan Cutkosky in his 1st nude scene (covering nothing but his crotch with his 2 hands) isn’t enough to get your butts off the couch, perhaps a terrific witnessing of Frank snorting OxyContin on a stolen couch will get your juices flowing.

The intro has changed and Debbie has taken on the “Fiona“ role of the Gallagher household, promoting Carl to the ‘Lip’ role and Liam moving up to the “Carl” role, allowing little Francis to become the new Liam that we all were introduced to in season one. I just pray the writers don’t start copying older storylines and just re-hashing them as brand new but with different representations and a “millennial twist.”

I can already tell you that the shameless deeds that are done in episode 01 are a subtle downgrade from things we’ve seen in past seasons. It looks like the producers have taken a little more of a dramatic turn hoping to revamp what was once a dwindling flame of a fictional candle fueled by tequila and internal secretions. The circle of life is thoroughly sprinkled throughout the premiere in what one can only hope will be an unpredictable season without a political message at the end. Let’s also hope for a new beginning for the remaining cast regulars amidst the sudden abandonment of their sister. I don’t know about you but Debbie being thrust into a leadership role allows creative minds to wander. It contrasts Kenney’s onscreen presence as she is serving duel time on an ABC’s ‘The Conners’, a family comedy where the lead character died of a pill overdose whereas on ‘Shameless’ where the lead character is practically nourished by the same opioids. Ironically, both characters are promiscuous teenagers from Chicago, but I digress.

Although the Gallagher house isn’t the same without Fiona, the “south side” of Chicago looks like it will continue to be left in terrible hands. A somewhat reconstructed barn of promise that the Gallagher family can’t wait to burn down and dance around.

I for one am excited for Season 10 of ‘Shameless’ and pray it will be a somewhat entertaining waste of my time, but I won’t hold my breath.