Smokeshow Tryout: Scarlett Bordeaux Tries Out For WWE

One of the most stunning, beautiful and alluring talents in wrestling right now, may just be heading to WWE.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Scarlett Bordeaux just had a WWE tryout this past week. Now as all tryouts are, either you make it, or you don’t. Let’s just hope to God she makes it.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with Scarlett Bordeaux, she refers to herself as The Smokeshow, using her beautiful wiles to get what she wants. She’s been a wrestler for the last 7 years debuting in 2012 for CSW Wrestling.

Throughout her career, she’s had stops in WWE, OVW, and Ring of Honor and more recently Impact Wrestling.

As of right now, she’s competing in AAA wrestling in Mexico, but it looks like she may be looking to come back to WWE instead of going to the newest company in town, All Elite Wrestling.

Now, there are a few small problems…

First, like I said tryouts don’t mean WWE wants to sign you definitively, it just means they have interest. Former Lucha Underground star Ivelisse Velez had a WWE tryout a few months ago but as of now, she still wrestles on the independent circuit even after participating in AEW All Out in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale.

Second, she’s in a relationship with Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross, who has been in an unfortunate situation with Impact where they won’t release him from his contract nor put him on TV. His contract expires in December, but this may impact Bordeaux’s decision to come to WWE if offered a contract.

Obvious, wrestling couples last when the partners are in different companies. It’s just an adjustment but WWE has also had interest in Killer Kross so who knows?

Besides her beauty, Scarlett is talented in the ring. She’s not a highflyer or incredibly athletic but she’s tough in the ring and WWE would be lucky to have her in their ranks.

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