Sonic the Hedgehog Movie; Why We Should See It

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie; Why we should see it

By no stretch of the imagination am I really interested in the movie or the concept behind it. Frankly the idea of a Sonic movie I find laughable. It just doesn’t seem to translate very well into an hour and thirty minutes plus film. Ignoring the fact that video game movies historically do not do well.

With all that being said, there is at least a single good reason to go see it. To sum it up, the producers listened to the fans. For those who are not up to date on this, I will start from the beginning.

About a year ago (or at least it feels that long ago) the movie was announced with a movie trailer. The movie being shown to be a live-action movie with humans and Sonic running around. The big takeaway (other than its huge problem) is Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik (Eggman).

Anyone who ever played the games saw how grotesque the appearance of Sonic was compared to how he should look. They tried to morph him into some kind of human-like creature, More so then he actually has ever been portrayed. They even made his eyes more human-like as well. All of these things just rubbed the fans wrong.

The community as a whole took to the internet and bombed them. Some skilled Photoshoppers even making improved versions of his images to show a proper rendition. In short, it was all that people talked about with the movie. The failure of the creative department in the making of the film.

What stunned everyone is that they listened. The movie was pushed back and a heavy redesign went underway. Just now images have started to come out of how he will look now and it fits a lot truer than how it was before. For the first time in a long time, we have a company that listened when the fans complained. Instead of just say “you don’t understand my vision.”

This is not the first company to run into that problem, just the first to respond in that way. When Apocalypse was introduced for the Xmen movies, I was one of the people talking about how he looked like Ivan Ozoo from the Power Rangers movie. They made him purple and just awful. I have personally seen private cosplayers who work out their garage make a better design than that. Not only do it on less of a budget but making it not through CGI.

In short, we should go see the movie. If a Sonic movie is just not your thing, just buy a ticket. We should be rewarding companies who listen. Instead of putting up with the ones who scorn the fans of the intellectual properties they are hoarding.