Sony and Disney Please Stop Fighting

I, like many of you, was heartbroken over the idea that Spiderman will no longer be apart of the MCU. That we were left that bomb at the end of Spiderman Far from Home and we will not get to see it play out inside the MCU. Most likely with their history, Sony will instead butcher any coherent story. The only thin ray of goodness coming out of this is the crossover possibility of Venom and Spiderman.

My prediction is that this standoff and fight will not last. It won’t be because I asked nicely. From the way I am reading into this is that Sony wants to be able to pull more of their content into the MCU (ie Venom, Carnage and Mobius). This would give them some slight control over the direction of the powerhouse that Marvel has created. It would also give them more money to take in from the giant pot created.

As it stood previously we had Disney doing just about everything required to make the movies. They hired, fired and wrote the scripts. Sony got a chunk of change because they owned the rights to the franchise. Which they would have lost if they didn’t make a movie every so often in that franchise. So they would rush movies and concepts just to keep it. This prevented Sony from really making a real Spiderverse or now being called Venomverse.

Now they have been left to play with the few toys they had left. Already making plans for Mobius the Living Vampire (it’s ok if you haven’t heard of him), Kraven the Hunter (A regular Spiderman villain) and a Venom 2 with Carnage. With the exception of Venom 2, I am a big Carnage fan, the others don’t really catch my attention. They need Spiderman back to tie it all together for themselves.

This falls onto Disney at this point. They can do one of three things. They could call Sony’s bluff. The bluff being that Disney will falter and give Sony a higher percentage or allow Tom Holland’s Spiderman to crossover. This will stumble Marvel for a little bit, but will not collapse it. Sony, on the other hand, will have been the reason for that stumble and will probably hurt them in the long run. Especially if they don’t make quality Spider movies.

The second outcome is Disney raises the stakes. Start releasing there plans to retcon the existence and stabilize their contents universe. Not in the form of movies, but releasing the ideas. Maybe even in the form of prequel comics. Maybe even on the TV shows they already had made. This would force Sony to have to give in and go back to their previous arrangement, or put up and shut up. Meaning they take their toys and go home.

The last possible outcome is that Disney decides to be the bigger ‘person’ and bring Sony’s toys into the game. This would allow for much larger stories and major crossovers. Could give rise to the Sinister Six and even a true Dark Avengers story. Allow for Kraven the Hunter to exist in a world that also has Black Panther (Kraven the Hunter is famous for hunting in Africa).

I hope for the last outcome. Disney makes a lot of money already for the content. I dislike how Sony is treating these stories, as they have a history of making subpar live-action movies. At least when they try to make sequels. Spiderman 1 was decent, 2 was great, but they fell short on 3. Same with the Amazing universe. The first was good, but the second fell short.

I am going to leave everyone with two of the crossovers I want to see with Disney and Sony making peace.

  • Venom Groot
  • And All-Black Loki (Symbiote God attached to a God)