Sony May have Played Itself

Right now we are seeing a fight going on between Sony and Marvel/Disney. This is stopping Spiderman and all of his universes content from existing in the larger MCU. This has given rise to some storytelling problems as he was poised to become the new central character with Captain America retired and Iron Man dead.

What was announced, and this is speculation, is that Amazon or even Apple is looking at buying out Sony Entertainment. Us mere mortals who would have never been in these negotiations or ever have the money to buy out a company would think, “huh that means those two companies might be more or less willing to negotiate.”

Except one detail has arisen about the license agreement Sony has with Marvel, from back in the day. Somewhere deep in the contracts, if Sony were to be bought out by another company, the rights to Spiderman revert back to Marvel. Cliff notes, not only will the current offer of 30% rights be gone. It would mean Disney gets everything.

I am kinda hoping this is the outcome. Not because of some dislike for Sony, but more because it would allow for some very interesting stories to be told. I do still hope for Venom 2 to be made, as it would involve Carnage played by Woody Harrelson. I think it would be a good performance (script willing).

This is just a small development and speculation. It is also something we should all keep an eye on.