Spider-Man Needs Someone to Save Him

Spider-Man needs someone to save im  #Sonyisoverparty.

After months of negotiations on their film franchise, it seems that Marvel and Sony cannot find a middle ground. Sony announced on Tuesday that Kevin Feige, who helped pilot the Marvel Universe into the titan that it is, will no longer be involved in the next Spider-Man film. This also means Marvel loses Tom Holland. This news startled fans everywhere and left us wanting to know where and what went wrong between these two.

It is a safe bet to say that no one is happy with the recent news that Marvel and Sony are no longer partnering on this venture. In its most recent edition “Spider-Man Far From Home”, took in over 1.1 billion dollars and was a success with fans and critics alike.  

What was once a very successful partnership has diminished to nothing right in front of us. After not being able to reach an agreement about our web-slinger in upcoming films. Sony has declared that they are no longer wanting to do business with Marvel. It is a sad day when even Spidey’s webs can’t hold these two giants together.

An immediate uproar of support and anger from friends and fans alike have come together to help.  Jeremy Renner has taken to twitter to plead to keep him alive and safe in their universe. This has prompted many hashtags such as #spidermanFarFromTheMcu #savespiderman #Sonyisoverparty. To say people are unhappy is an understatement.

All we can do is hope that there is enough outcry to save our friendly neighborhood spiderman.

His whole life he has fought to stop greed and help people, maybe it’s our time to try and save him.

Dano Holzwart