Spotlight On: Tim Curry

This article is not “in the memory of.” It is not me even saying he should retire and stop working. This is an article celebrating the work and life of a great actor who has contributed much to our entertainment. I doubt he will ever read this, but Tim Curry, you are amazing.

I first saw Tim Curry as an actor as Pennywise the Clown. Of course, I didn’t know it was him. I will admit that I was terrified of clowns for a long time afterward. Even a doll was enough to have me book it from a room. It wasn’t just the story by Stephen King, it was the performance of that mad man.

Later I saw him in his brief appearance in Home Alone 2 and heard his voice as Hexxus in Ferngully. Who, in hindsight, made the talk of pollution and toxic sludge seductive. Seriously watch the video of him singing behind the scenes.

Much later in my adult life, I came across his performance as Dr. Frank N Furter, in the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture show. A movie he was not proud of doing. Even to the point that he made his sister promise that she would not tell their mother. He only recently started answering questions about that movie.

Something amazing about him is that he both ionic and something of a chameleon in his roles. He can be a someone when he is on screen or become the most important character, and an actor you are not always going to call out. In other words an actor you remember the roles more than the actor himself.

His smile and laugh being something that stands out the most. Coupled with his distinct voice has allowed him to stay busy even after suffering a stroke that left him in a wheelchair. Something that would have ended most careers, he instead turned into voice acting. Doing the voice of Emperor Palpatine in Clone Wars and Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys.

There are too many movies and roles to go over specifically. What does need to be talked about is his life beyond the silver screen. What little there is to talk about. He has never married and has no kids to speak of. As mentioned before he became confined to a wheelchair as of July 2012 when he suffered a stroke.

Even that didn’t stop his dedication to his craft and bringing joy to his fans. Spending time with his fans at conventions and being a gentleman. Not always though, as some fans seemed to prefer his Dr. Frank N Furter role more.

On a cultural impact, the two biggest roles that people talk about are Pennywise and Dr. Frank-N-Furter. With the return of the movie, IT to popular culture people have begun to watch the original with the remake to compare the two. Remembering the clown that left many unable to sleep for nights. I was one of them.

Ignoring all the adult things in his role of being a Transexual Transvestite. He did create and resonate with a counterculture of people who questioned gender. His performance even crossed over the seas. Creating a character in One Piece called Ivankov, who very clearly looks like the iconic role. Even having the ability to control someone’s hormones. Commonly used to change someone’s gender.

To sum it all up. Tim Curry has affected entertainment over the past couple of decades. If you somehow missed work he directly performed, please check it out. His abilities as an actor have influenced other actors’ approach to different roles.

He will forever be considered a legend of the craft and we should all appreciate him while he is still around.