St. Louis Browns vs New York Yankees- August 11, 1930


In game 114 of the 1930 season, the Saint Louis Browns, skippered by Bill Killefer, played Bob Shawkey’s New York Yankees.  This is the final game for the Browns this season at Yankee Stadium.

Going into this contest the Babe Ruth led Yankees had the upper hand winning 14 of 18.  The 2 teams faced off in June for 3 doubleheaders in 4 days, splitting the first 2 and a Yankee sweep of the last one. The Yankees have won the first 3 games of this 4 game set. The Browns have hopes of escaping New York with a W.

St. Louis Browns vs New York Yankees

Rip Collins, 6’1″ righty from Weatherford, TX got the call for the Browns.  He squared off against Roy Sherid 6’2 out of Norristown, PA. Collins is 6-6, while Sherid is 8-9 on the season.  

The first inning was for the most part uneventful, Sherid allowed a walk, and a single while Collins only allowed a walk to Ruth and got 3 outs on two on a fly and a ground out.  

To start of the 2nd, Red Badgro singled to left and advanced to 2nd on a ground out back to the mound.  A wild pitch to Frank O’Rourke moved him up 90 feet but was a moot point as O’Rourke hit an inside-the-park home run to left, scoring them both.  The excitement halted as Bernie Hungling grounded out and Collins popped out. The Yankees half of the inning began with a walk to Lou Gehrig, who later scored on a double to left by Benny Bengough.  2 flyouts preceded the double and a strikeout of Collins ended the threat.  

Blue led off the 3rd for the Browns and following a strikeout of Alex Metzler moved to 2nd on a wild pitch.  Goose Goslin scored Blue with a homerun, Goslin’s 25th, prior to the final 2 outs of the inning. The Yankees were not able to match the Browns in the 3rd, only reaching on a throwing error and a walk. The score at the end of 3 was 4-1 with the Browns ahead.  

St. Louis Browns vs New York Yankees
Hall of Famer Goose Goslin.

The two teams traded 0’s in the 4th, but in the 5th the Browns were able to push 2 runs across the board.  The first run was produced off the bat of Blue, who homered. A single by Metzler was the undoing for Sherid, who was replaced by Lou McEvoy.  Goslin greeted him with a double, moving Metzler to 3rd on the play. Following a strikeout, Badgro hit a sac fly that scored Metzler and advanced Goslin to 3rd.  A ground out ended the inning and the final line for Sherid, 6 runs on 7 hits, striking out 2, walking 2 in 4 innings of work. All the runs were earned. The Yankees were unable to answer, only receiving 2 walks and no hits.  

The Browns were able to capitalize once again at the top of the 6th, following a flyout, Hungling singled to center.  Collins drew a walk and Hungling moved to 2nd. Blue grounded to Gehrig at 1st, who forced Collins at 2nd, setting up 1st and 3rd with Metzler at the plate and 2 out.  Metzler grounded to first, but an error on the ground ball by Gehrig, allowed Hungling to score and Blue to move to third. Metzler stole 2nd but a strikeout of Goslin closed out the top of the inning with the Browns up 7-1.  The Yanks were able to answer with 3 runs of their own. Gehrig walked but was forced when Harry Rice grounded to short. Lyn Larry singled to CF, advancing Rice to 2nd. Dusty Cooke, pinch-hit for Bengough and walked to load the bases.  Bill Dickey pinch-hit for the pitcher, McEvoy, and doubled to RF, scoring Rice and Lary and moving Cooke to 3rd. Earle Combs hit a sac fly to score Cooke and end the scoring for the home team in the 6th. The score at the end of 6 was Browns 7 Yankees 4.  

St. Louis Browns vs New York Yankees
Backup catcher and my Great Uncle Bernie Hungling.

Once again, the teams traded 0’s, this time in the 7th.  In the 8th, the Browns scored 3 times. Now facing righty Ownie Carroll, Hungling walked but was forced at 2nd on a groundball by George Blaeholder.  Following a pop out to the catcher, Metzler walked. Goslin followed with his 2nd homer of the game, 26th on the season, this time a 3 run shot. A ground out ended the inning and led to the bottom of the 8th.  The Yankees were able to answer with 1 run in their half of the inning.   The teams both went quietly 123 in the 9th to close out the ballgame, Browns 10 Yankees 5.     

Collins got the win now 7-6, while Sherid got the loss 8-10 and Blaeholder got the save, his 2nd.    

Dickey went 1-1, 2rbi, Ruth 0-1 3W, Gehrig 1-3 2 W.     

Goslin went 4-5 5 rbi, O’Rourke 2-5 2 rbi, Hungling 1-3 1 W, 1R.     

To most fans, this is just a recap of a baseball game, but for my family, it is bringing to life to a family members last major league at-bats.

Bernie “Bud” Hungling from Dayton, OH is a great uncle of mine. He played sparingly in the major leagues as a backup catcher for the 1922-23 Brooklyn Robins and the 1930 St Louis Browns.  He went on to play in the minors for many years, but this was the final game that he got an at-bat in the majors. Yes, its quite impressive his last game was at Yankee Stadium in front of Ruth and Gehrig.  But as I dug and found the box score, I was able to bring this game to life and realized he scored his final run, on an error by Gehrig. What a thrill!

St. Louis Browns vs New York Yankees

What happened on the play before, I’m not positive, a double play would have ended it and the error by Gehrig would have never happened, hence the run wouldn’t have scored.  Now in Bud’s final unofficial AB he walked and was forced out at 2nd by Gehrig, so I guess Gehrig got him in the end.

This is by no means to downplay or embarrass one the all-time greats of baseball, but to lift up a reserve catcher that had a wonderful afternoon in the Bronx in 1930, and brought a smile to a future relative in 2019.  Baseball is a game of generations, and I will pass this piece on to future generations of my family, and my baseball family.

Thanks for reading. 

David Curtoys

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