St. Louis Cardinals- Nonexistent Trade Deadline

Hey, Cardinal Nation, how are ya? PROBABLY not too great right now after that brutal MLB Trade Deadline that just past.

We added left-handed starting pitcher Tony Cingrani (who is Injured and a pending FA and will most likely never wear a Cardinals uniform),LRP Mejia (He currently has a 7 Plus ERA. Poncedeleon is now in Memphis to make room for him), LRP Rosscup ( Who was released by Seattle, Toronto, and the Dodgers THIS YEAR).

We subtracted Jedd Gyorko ( LOVE Gyorko, but, I can see why). In this piece, we are going to go over the Cardinal’s pressing concerns from the offseason and the 2019 season thus far and we will see what has been done to address them.

Third Base

The Cardinals entered the 2019 offseason (this is pre-Goldschmidt) wanting to upgrade at third base. They didn’t feel, and I do agree, that Gyorko wasn’t the long term fix.

The Front Office said it wanted a lefty power threat and full time, proven third basemen. There was one that fit the role, Mike Moustakas. The Goldschmidt deal went through, and the Front Office decided Matt Carpenter would be the ideal fit. However, the problem with that is
Carpenter was moved from third base to second base early in his career because he has a bad back and couldn’t defend the position well enough.
Carp has regressed from a .300/360/ 20 hr/45 double guy who drew a TON of walks, into a .230/.300/25 hr/30 double guy who doesn’t walk at all. The Cards should have signed Moose.


St. Louis knew it had young arms to fill the pen, and that Hicks and Martinez would be locked in. They went out and got Andrew Miller, who started rough, but, has rebounded nicely. However, there were other arms available such as Kimbrel and Britton who would have been nice fits.

The Outfield

We can all agree Dexter Fowler has been a disaster. Ozuna started poorly, but, after that really embarrassing error on Apr 9 against the Dodgers he has played great. He’s been injured a month and is STILL 2nd on the team in HR (20) and 1st in RBI (62). He has locked down left field. Center, now, is another problem. Should we have traded Pham? I think it was a good move. He wasn’t happy, he was vocal about it, and we shipped him off. No one expected Bader to be Jim Edmonds, but, his struggles this year have, rightfully, led to a demotion. Tyler O’Neil is playing fine when he gets to play. As it stands, our outfield is not great any way you look at it. We needed to target Michael Brantley this past offseason.

Starting Rotation

The rotation is a mess…Let’s take a look.

Dakota Hudson– He’s doing just fine. 10-5, 3.88 ERA. WHIP is a bit high (1.540), but, he’s pitching well. He’s a solid number 2-3 starter on most teams, ideally a 3-4…..He’s our Ace…..think about that.

Miles Mikolas- I like Miles. Ideally, he’d be a 4-5 starter. We made the same mistake with him that we have others. Career year, give a big contract, lock him up, and then see him revert back to career norms or worse. Baseball is full of guys who have one great year and one great year only. Mikolas last year: 18-4 2.83 ERA with a very bad defense behind him. This year, with a VERY good defense 7-11 4.00 ERA.

Adam Wainwright– At this point, like Mikolas, he would be a fine 4-5 starter. Problem is, as you can see, that’s about all we have in our Rotation. For us? He’s our number 3 Starter. His record this year is 7-7, 4.47 ERA.

Jack Flaherty-I think Flaherty will be fine. He’s young and learning on the job. He’s a fine 4-5 starter who will improve. his numbers this season are
4-6, 4.17 ERA. However, he has a great WHIP.

Michael Wacha-Enough said.

You had Greinke, Bauer, Keuchel, Wheeler, and Stroman on the move. All players who would have come in and given this team an ace caliber pitcher.

This offseason we must target a power lefty bat, a third baseman, and an ace. These are MUSTS if the Cardinals are going to find success again.

Thanks for reading!

J.H. Reeves