Step Inside: WWE2K20 MyCareer Trailer Review

For the last 5 or so years, WWE and 2K have partnered up to make their video game series, WWE 2K.

Since WWE 2K14, the franchise has been elevated but has struggled as well to keep a fanbase.

Allow me to explain…

Since WWE2K15, fans have complained about a multitude of things:

Bad or reused graphics

Lack of superstars

Lack of fan-favorite modes

And in all, a lack of creativity throughout the series.

Now the newest iteration, WWE2K20, comes out later this month and WWEGames just dropped the trailer.

I’m going to give you 3 pros and cons of this mode and my thoughts on the state of the franchise.


Gender Equality

So the first thing you find out in the trailer is that you will be doing a dual career mode with both a male and a female created superstar. In previous editions, you could only ever make a male superstar. This is great because female fans of the game have wanted a woman to play in the career mode for years and now, they get their wish. It looks like a very fun addition to the game.

New Voice Additions

This year over 40 WWE superstars have done voice work for this career mode included WWE Hall of Famer Lita and X-Pac as well as Velveteen Dream, Samoa Joe and Becky Lynch. Over 270 cutscenes throughout the mode. This career mode should be extremely exciting.

Graphics Upgrade

Now people have been skeptical already about the WWE2K20 graphics saying they are copy and paste and horrible but honestly 2K has worked on many of their models from last year’s version. Yes, they still have a very long way to go but they are getting better and the graphics in this MyCareer trailer are great. Especially the New Day arena and the Undertaker Hell arena. Unfortunately though, that’s where the cons come in…


Cheesy Story Concept

Okay so according to this trailer and info on 2K’s site, in MyCareer mode, you play as childhood best friends Tre and Red, whose goals is to rise through the ranks of WWE and fulfill their lifelong dreams. I mean I get it; this is how you introduce a female created character into WWE2K MyCareer, but this sounds like a very stagnant storyline. They even show how you make a bucket list and visit a farm and stuff like that. It sounds so cheesy but honestly, that could be fun, so I won’t completely judge this mode until I play it myself.

Voice Syncing

Now it may just have been the trailer or something, but it seemed like the character and voice assimilation is off. Look when The Miz talks in this trailers, it’s so off. They still have a few weeks before release to fix this if it needs to be fixed. It is not a big thing though, but it will drag down the mode if it is not on point.

Lack Of Replayability

The integral part of video games is “replayability.” That isn’t officially a word but basically, if a game has replayability then you won’t just play it one time. You’ll play it one time all the way through then a few months or maybe years down the line, you’ll play it again and you will still enjoy the gameplay.

With this mode, I find it hard to believe that anyone will play this mode once they play through it one time but who knows? People still play Smackdown Here Comes The Pain career modes after 15 years so maybe this will follow suit but 2K has to really sell people on this.

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