Steve Smith Strikes Again

I love Steve Smith. He was such a fun wide receiver to watch when he was playing. Smith was always causing some sort of stir whether it was fighting with teammates in practice or his antics on the field after scoring a touchdown.

Smith is back in the news today due to some more fun conversations with his former Carolina Panther teammates. Smith was hanging out at the Panther practice in 2018 and was trying to help out his fantasy team. In the Amazon Series, All or Nothing, you can see Smith talking with QB Cam Newton about whether he should play WR DJ Moore in the WR spot or Flex spot in his fantasy football league. What made this great is that Smith did this directly in front of Moore. The conversation went a little bit like this.

 “He’s not a real wide receiver yet,” Smith said. “He’s just kind of developing.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Newton responded.

“No, just for fantasy,” Smith said.

Smith then spoke with Moore after the conversation with Newton and then here is their dialogue.

Smith: “Should I start you or John Brown? It’s a legit question. Is it not?”
Moore: “Start me.”
Smith: “Start you? You give me two points, I’m going to slap the shit out of you.”