Supernatural, Walker Texas Ranger?

Recently announced, there might be a Walker Texas Ranger reboot. I’m sure no one would complain if Chuck Norris returned, but as of now, he has declined to return to the role. Instead, the shoes have been filled by Jared Padalecki. AKA Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

Details of the new show, or if it is set in stone for him to take the lead role is up in the air. This, however, fills the gap in his IMDB history for some time as Supernatural, which he is a star for, is coming to an end. His ‘Brother’ is going off to become Red Hood (As the rumor mill is talking), while he is going to fill the shoes of Chuck Norris.

I am not one for reboots. I will admit I am not even a fan of the original show. I cannot put my finger on the why just never did. With that being said, this will get a chance viewing from me (Watch the first 3 episodes) because he is in it. I have seen Jared do an amazing job as Sam and would like to see him continue his career.