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NFL Betting Locks – Week 6

Welcome back to Week 6 of the NFL Betting Locks segment. We took a few weeks off but have come back full force with 4 guys giving you the NFL locks. Take the advice or risk losing your money! Alan Giovacchini SEATTLE -1.5 at

AFC North Week 5 Recap

Over a quarter of the season has come and gone and the AFC North has been drastically transformed from previous years. It’s no longer a battle between Baltimore and Pittsburgh for ownership of the division. It is now between Baltimore and

AFC North Week 4 Recap

The AFC North has been a roller coaster of shockers and stunners since Week 1. This week has been no different. With the Ravens leading the division and the Browns second in the division, one of those two had to take the top spot. With

AFC North Week 3 Recap

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the NFL Regular Season and in the AFC North, the early battle has gone to the Ravens winning their first two games. Cleveland came back from an embarrassing loss to Tennessee in Week 1 to destroy

AFC North Week 2 Recap

So Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season has come and gone. A lot of big news. A lot of shockers. The Dolphins got stomped by the Patriots so that’s not a shocker. But we’re not talking about the AFC East. We’re here for the North. The AFC North.

Cleveland Browns Sign WR

Cleveland Browns Sign Braxton Miller. Braxton Miller has been signed by the Cleveland Browns. Miller attended THE Ohio State University and created so many splash plays while in college. Miller is in his third NFL season out of Ohio

NFL Top 5 Backup Running Backs

Made a list on who I think is the 5 best backup running backs in the game today. Hope you guys enjoy. 5) Dion Lewis: Lewis was brought to Nashville during the exodus of Patriot players joining the titans and he hasn't disappointed.

NFL Week 1 Preseason Takeaways

We finally have gotten a first taste of NFL football, and boy does it taste good. While there isn’t much to gleam from a bunch of third and fourth stringers playing most of the game, here are my five takeaways from Week 1 of the preseason.