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Stephen Strasburg Opts Out It is OFFICIAL! Stephen Strasburg has opted out of the remaining 4 years/ 100 Million dollars that he had on his contract. He will not become a free agent. There are

NLDS Dodgers vs Nationals

Smash, bang, boom!  Shock the world!  Pick your own slogan for this series, the 106 win Los Angeles Dodgers have been eliminated once again, without a world series ring.  31 years and counting and now to add insult to misery, a former

ALDS Preview: Twins vs Yankees

The ALDS between the Twins and Yankees kicks off tonight, in a matchup between baseball’s two premier power-hitting teams. The Twins edged out the Yankees 307 to 306 in team homerun battle. The Yankees won the war though, taking 4 of 6

MLB Power Rankings – 09/03/19

1. Houston Astros (90-49) Welcome to the top spot Houston! And this is fresh off the no-no from Verlander. He joins an elite club of players with 3 or more no hitters. 2.

MLB Power Rankings – 08/20/19

1. New York Yankees (83-43) Welcome to the top spot in the rankings Yankees! Even though they made no moves at the deadline, they are now 15-4 with a plus-30 run differential

MLB Power Rankings 08/13/19

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (79-41) Fun Fact: The last time a pitcher qualified for the ERA title with an ERA under 1.50 was Bob Gibson in 1968. Ryu is currently sitting at 1.45. Still the best team in majors right now and they are