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WWE NXT Live On USA 10/2 Review

The third week of the Black and Yellow brand on USA Network and the first time NXT was two full hours only on USA. And with competition on another network in the same timeslot, NXT had to make some huge waves in this new Wednesday Night

WWE NXT Live On USA 9/25 Review

One week after the Black and Yellow Brand debuted on USA Network, the reviews and ratings were immensely positive. The hype and anticipation lived up to expectation. Now Week 2 on USA has come and gone and there is so much to unpack here

WWE NXT Live On USA 9/18 Review

The Black and Yellow Brand has made the move to live broadcasts and with this move, people who aren’t able to watch NXT every week or aren’t familiar with NXT in general, this is the perfect way for them to get their NXT fix and allows the