“Terminator Dark Fate” Is What Happens When You Don’t Understand Time Travel

“Terminator Dark Fate” Is What Happens When You Don’t Understand Time Travel

In a year sometime in the future there is a machine take over and if this movie is the best we can do, then good. If there were any interesting takeaways from the cult classic, it is that we should have stopped at two. Everything that you find fun and brave from this franchise has had all the meat eaten off its metal bones. I’m team Skynet from now.

The twists in this movie are predictable. Can you believe that now the woman is not the Mother Mary but the savior?! Duh. The performances weren’t bad, I just wish that they had a better script to work with. There is no sky net anymore there’s a new AI called Legion. Which makes no sense because in the very beginning they show John Conner getting killed by Arnold while they’re by the beach. Wasn’t the whole goal of Skynet to kill John Connor and then they win? Not in this movie. Skynet is gone for some reason. Replaced with an eviler AI called “Legion”. They just say there’s a different evil artificial intelligence that humanity now has to defeat. We also have to save a different girl who will lead humans to victory. To change the whole reason why we had the other five movies in the series is lazy and embarrassing. Why the hell we’re we trying to save John Conner if when he dies nothing happens?

Let’s forget about that for a second. The original Terminator in this version has grown to love humans. Why? Because it’s funnier that way. They even put him in shorts to make us laugh. He grabs guns and helps, even makes a Texas joke about where he got his artillery. 

The whole movie they try to draw the line between attracting a new audience and keeping the old ones happy. They failed at both. Time travel is tricky. To find a plot hole in a movie about someone who can go back and fix anything is easy pickings. So don’t make it obvious. Or if you do make a bad movie, send a writer from the future to come back and fix it.