The 5 Best Landing Spots for Melvin Gordon

With news that Melvin Gordon’s holdout could bleed into the regular season, reports are that the Chargers are considering trade offers for the star running back. With that in mind, let’s examine the best potential landing spots for Melvin Gordon from a fantasy football perspective.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are the most likely landing spot for Melvin Gordon per the latest reports coming out of both Los Angeles and Houston. The trade could potentially involve star DE Jadaveon Clowney, who the Texans have been actively shopping, in exchange of Melvin Gordon. Whether additional compensation will be added to the trade is not yet apparent, but what is apparent is that this would fill a need for both sides. Player for player trades are rare, but this is one of the few instances where the trade would be beneficial for everyone. The Houston Texans would add a feature running back to play behind Deshaun Watson, and the Los Angeles Chargers would add yet another piece to what is becoming a vaunted defensive line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have arguably the worst running back room in the NFL, with Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones battling for a potential starting role. Melvin Gordon is better than Barber and Jones if they were able to do a fusion dance straight out of Dragon Ball Z. This would be an easy decision for the Bucs, however, I wonder if they will be able and willing to provide the compensation that the Chargers are looking for. If somehow Gordon landed in Tampa Bay, and re-signed with the team, he would become an instant RB1 with top 5 upside in this Bruce Arians led offense. Gordon has displayed he is a very capable receiving option out of the backfield, amassing 108 catches in two years with the Chargers, all while having Austin Ekeler as a teammate.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are probably the least likely to trade for Melvin Gordon on this list, however, they should strongly consider buying in on Melvin Gordon. Aaron Rodgers is poised to have an excellent season, and is even more strongly motivated than usual as he is out to prove that Mike McCarthy was the real problem in Green Bay. Aaron Jones is a good player, but he is not on the same level as Melvin Gordon. Gordon would provide this team with an instant upgrade, making Jones a viable backup running back and providing the team with an excellent tandem of runners. This would likely create a fervor in Green Bay, as fans would be expecting SuperBowl or bust with the addition of a star running back to an already potent offense.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have solid depth at running back with Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida (not to mention Jerrick McKinnon who’s still working back from injury). Despite this, similarly to Green Bay, there isn’t a running back on the roster that is as good as Melvin Gordon is. The 49ers would provide an excellent scheme fit for Melvin Gordon, as Gordon would be the best running back Kyle Shanahan has had since he was coaching a healthy Devonta Freeman. Considering the team will want to keep Jimmy Garropolo upright in fear that he misses more time following a season ending injury in 2018, investing in a quality star running back can help mitigate some of the pass rush he will see, as Gordon provides a viable receiving threat out of the backfield as well as being a between the tackles runner.

Washington Redskins

This is the only team I do not want to see Melvin Gordon play for, but they have a glaring need at running back, so I’ve added them to this list. The Redskins seem set to start the season with Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice as their primary running backs, with Chris Thompson mixing in as well. That is, well, not very good. Melvin Gordon would provide an immediate impact player for this barren offense that could potentially be one of the worst offenses in the entire NFL, in spite of having Jay Gruden as a head coach. At least if they were to add Melvin Gordon it would give the team a viable offensive option so they can attempt to evaluate their rookie quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. Given the current state of the team, I’m not excited about this for Melvin Gordon at all.