The AEE Fantasy Start/Sit List – DEF edition – Week 5

The Fantasy Football 2019 NFL regular season. As we continue the regular season, let’s take a look at the best starts and sits heading into Week 5 of your fantasy football matchups.

Start of the Week: Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets

Why the Falk wouldn’t you start the Eagles defense this week? Trevor Siemian is nowhere near recovery after suffering a gruesome ankle injury and Sam Darnold has only been cleared for non-contact practice. Darnold is likely to miss the game on Sunday and I think that the Eagles are going to stomp all over the New York Jets. The Eagles run defense is excellent and the only player they have to worry about is Le’Veon Bell. I expect big things from this defense in terms of fantasy production.

Start – New England Patriots @ Washington Redskins: If the Redskins don’t know which quarterback they’re going to start, that’s a great sign for the Patriots defense. The highest scoring defense this year, the Patriots are a must start in this game.

Start – Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills: If Josh Allen cannot play in this game, the Buffalo Bills are going to be prime picking for streaming defenses against them. Even if Josh Allen were to play, I’d still start the Titans at home.

Start – Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders: Daaaaaaaa Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears! The Oakland Raiders have surprised me multiple times this year, but I think they’re about to run into a buzzsaw, and the saw’s name is Khalil Mack. I have a feeling that Mack is going to put it on this Raiders offense and will definitively prove that coach Gruden made the wrong decision when he traded Mack away.

Start – Oakland Raiders vs Chicago Bears: On the other side of the ball, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to starting the Oakland Raiders defense. Mitchell Trubisky is going to miss the game and Chase Daniel will be starting. Daniel is an average NFL quarterback and I don’t think he is going to elevate this offense much higher than they were already playing. If there are no other options because you’re in a deep league, go ahead and start the Raiders.

Start- Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 14 sacks in two weeks. The Carolina Panthers defense has found themselves and they are mobbing opposing quarterbacks. Even with how well the Jaguars have been playing, the Panthers are a solid start this week.

Sit of the Week: San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns

Before the bye week, the San Francisco 49ers defense was a top-three scoring unit in fantasy football. If it weren’t for Nick Chubb, I probably would start the 49ers against the Browns given that they’re playing at home. However, after seeing the Browns running game put it on the Ravens, I think this could be a sneaky high scoring game and I would rather not take the chance on what has been an excellent 49ers defense.

Sit – Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams: The Seahawks defense played well last week, but the Legion of Boom is not what it used to be, even at home. The Rams got shocked by the Buccaneers last week, however, they still put up 40 in that game. I definitely wouldn’t start the Seahawks this week.

Sit – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens: The Baltimore Ravens are a much better team than the Cincinnati Bengals and should be playing with hurt pride this week. I think the Ravens will compete well with Pittsburgh and it’s going to be a close game, as Steelers vs Ravens games usually are. Even with how well the Steelers played, I would sit them this week.

Sit – Houston Texans vs Atlanta Falcons: The Texans defense has been playing above themselves, exceeding expectations after trading away Jadaveon Clowney. Even still, I’m not going to risk playing them in a potential shootout game against a high powered Atlanta offense.

Sit – New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings: The Giants were extremely impressive defensively last week, but that was against the Washington Redskins. The Redskins played without a starting left tackle, starting running back, starting tight end and starting wide receiver. The Vikings have all of that and more. Sit the Giants this week.

Sit – Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos: Joe Flacco is playing better than you would think when you watch the tape and that’s exactly why I wouldn’t be starting the Chargers this week. The Chargers defense looked positively mediocre facing the lowly Miami Dolphins so I won’t play them going forward until they are at full strength.