The AEE Fantasy Start/Sit List – DEF edition – Week 7

The Fantasy Football 2019 NFL regular season. As we continue the regular season, let’s take a look at the best starts and sits heading into Week 7 of your fantasy football matchups.

Start of the Week: Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

We have arrived! This is probably the only time I will have an entire team as my start of the week, but the Miami Dolphins are just that bad. Even with Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over, which admittedly does make me more nervous about this pick, the Dolphins have been on the wrong end of several top fantasy football defensive weeks. I’m definitely firing up the Bills in this matchup.

Start – San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins: This is as easy as it gets. The 49ers are the second-best defense in the NFL right now and the Washington Redskins just barely managed to beat the Dolphins. This 49ers are easily the best bet to finish as the top-scoring defense this week.

Start – Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints: The Saints offense has not looked quite as mighty the last few weeks and they will now head on the road to face the Chicago Bears. I think the Bears will be a good defensive play this week because I expect a low scoring game here so I’m good with starting either defense in this matchup.

Start – New England Patriots @ New York Jets: I only felt the need to include this because of the huge upset the Jets delivered against the Dallas Cowboys. However, this is not the Cowboys and it’s definitely not a clapping machine running things from the sideline. Start the Patriots with confidence as you have all year.

Start – Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions: I’m not sure what to make of the Detroit Lions. I feel like they’re an underwhelming team that is over performing and at some point, they’re going to get their comeuppance. This is the matchup I’m most unsure of, but there aren’t a lot of great streaming options this week, so use the Vikings if you need to.

Start – Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals: After looking like an actual offense to start the season, the Bengals are completely imploding due to their terrible offensive line. As such, I would start the Jaguars, even on the road. Sacksonville has 3 sacks in each of the last two games and against stiffer competition in the Panthers and Saints. Go ahead and start up Sacksonville this week, even on the road.

Sit of the Week: Los Angeles Rams @ Atlanta Falcons

With news that Jalen Ramsey has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some fantasy football owners overreact and start the Rams this week. That would be a bad idea. The Atlanta Falcons are still an excellent passing offense capable of putting up a lot of points and the Rams defense isn’t going to be fixed overnight because they’ve added a new player. You definitely want to stash the Rams, but you shouldn’t play them this week.

Sit – Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs: The top-scoring defense last week, the Denver Broncos will now take on their toughest matchup of the season. The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t been quite the high powered offense we’re used to seeing, but the bottom line here is you’re not starting defenses against Patrick Mahomes.

Sit – Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders: The Packers defense has played very well this year, but this is a weird matchup. The Raiders have played far beyond any expectations I had for them this year and a rested Josh Jacobs could pose problems for this defense, which has struggled before against the run. You might have to start the Packers if you missed all the best options but temper your expectations.

Sit – New York Giants vs Arizona Cardinals: The Giants defense has had one good game this year, against the Washington Redskins and an injured Case Keenum. In every other matchup, they’ve given up at least 26 points. Kyler Murray appears to be improving and getting more comfortable, so I’m definitely avoiding the Giants defense in this matchup.

Sit – Seattle Seahawks vs Baltimore Ravens: The Legion of Boom has been pretty quiet this year, even when they’ve played at home. In 3 home matchups this year, they’ve allowed a collective 75 points. With the way Lamar Jackson has been playing, I wouldn’t start the Seahawks in this matchup.

Sit – Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles: This seems fairly obvious, but for you Cowboys fans out there, don’t play the Dallas defense this week. If they gave it up to the Jets, what makes you think they’ll stop the Eagles?