The AEE Fantasy Start/Sit List – RB edition – Week 5

The Fantasy Football 2019 NFL regular season. As we continue the regular season, let’s take a look at the best starts and sits heading into Week 5 of your fantasy football matchups.

Start of the Week: Chris Carson vs Los Angeles Rams

The Rams defense allowed an outrageous 55 points from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week and will now have to go into Seattle to face the Seahawks. The Seahawks were clearly focused on getting Chris Carson right last week and I think that will continue this week against the Rams. This might be an early battle for the division, so I expect both teams to perform well. What’s most encouraging was that Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber were able to put in work against this team and I think Chris Carson is far better the Tampa running backs combined.

Start – Leonard Fournette @ Carolina Panthers: There is potential for a bust game here with Leonard Fournette but I’m probably still starting him for two reasons. The first, there likely aren’t any better options available to you. Second, even though the Panthers have played well, they are without star defensive tackle Kawann Short, so hopefully, that frees things up on the line for Fournette.

Start – Sony Michel @ Washington Redskins: As someone who owns Sony Michel in my most important league, I’m incredibly worried about starting him from week to week. However, the Redskins are just terrible and I think that the Patriots will have a nice lead in this game, meaning Michel should see work.

Start – Joe Mixon vs Arizona Cardinals: If you have had the misfortune of owning Joe Mixon, I am here to tell you it gets better this week. Mixon will get a get-right game that did wonders for Chris Carson against the same team, the Arizona Cardinals. Mixon is a must start this week.

Start – David Montgomery @ Oakland Raiders: I expect the Bears to lean on the ground game with Chase Daniel taking over the reins for the offense. This means David Montgomery is likely to get a decent amount of run in this game and I’m hoping he finally reaches 20-25 touches this game. Hopefully, David Mopportunity gets the chance to shine.

Start – Marlon Mack @ Kansas City Chiefs: I’m generally nervous about starting Marlon Mack in games where I think the Colts will be trailing because I think he plays better with a lead. However, I also think that Mack has the ultimate touchdown upside in this game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him find the endzone more than once.

Sit of the Week: Le’Veon Bell @ Philadelphia Eagles

If you’re facing the Jets, Le’Veon Bell is basically the only player that you need to stop. He might be a solid volume play if you really don’t have any other options, but I wouldn’t expect much from a guy who’s quarterback is Luke Falk. I think the Eagles are going to whomp the Jets and I want no part of the Jets offense in this game.

Sit – Peyton Barber @ New Orleans Saints: With the way New Orleans was able to shut down the Cowboys running game, I’d be wary of starting Peyton Barber in this game. Barber was abysmal last week and he only saved his week because he fell into the endzone. I’m not chancing it with Barber this week.

Sit – Josh Jacobs vs Chicago Bears: I’ve been impressed with Josh Jacobs’ performance through the early part of the season, but come on, this is the Bears’ defense we’re talking about. They pretty much shut down Dalvin Cook last week and the only reason he didn’t completely bust was that he found the endzone. I don’t know if that will happen for Jacobs this week.

Sit – Raheem Mostert vs Cleveland Browns: Cleveland’s defense is a solid unit and I really think that they will be able to mitigate the 49ers running game. Raheem Mostert is sort of in the middle because he’s not starting like Matt Breida and he’s not the red zone back like Jeff Wilson. I’m leaning towards sitting the Colonel this week.

Sit – Adrian Peterson vs New England Patriots: He might still be a starting running back, but Adrian Peterson isn’t going to be starting for my fantasy football team any time soon. Sit All Day all day long.

Sit – Latavius Murray vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Perhaps the biggest running back bust of the year based on where you drafted him, Latavius Murray is best left on your bench, even with a plus matchup.