The AEE Fantasy Start/Sit List Week One- QB edition

Football is back, baby!

The excitement for the regular season is brimming among fantasy football owners. We are finally approaching real, actual, legitimate football games. As we enter the regular season, let’s take a look at the best starts and sits heading into Week 1 of the NFL regular season.

Start of the Week: Lamar Jackson @ Miami Dolphins

Lamar Jackson has been my favorite QB to target in fantasy football drafts. Running quarterbacks are like a cheat code in fantasy football, and I expect Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to get off to a high-flying start against the woeful Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins seem to be entering full tank mode, and I expect the Ravens to take full advantage on opening day.

Start – Kirk Cousins vs Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons defense is healthy, but they’re also on the road. With two explosive offenses doing battle, I expect both quarterbacks to do well in this game.

Start – Jacoby Brissett @ Los Angeles Chargers: For all you Andrew Luck owners out there, all hope is not lost. If you were able to snag Jacoby Brissett, go ahead and fire him up against a banged up Chargers squad that is “at home” in a building that doesn’t seem to care about them.

Start – Jameis Winston vs San Francisco 49ers: Jameis Winston has been hyped as a bounceback candidate for much of the offseason due to the arrival of new head coach Bruce Arians. We’ll get to see week 1 if the bounceback is on track, as the 49ers defense is average at best.

Start – Dak Prescott vs New York Giants: With news breaking that Ezekiel Elliott has re-signed with the Cowboys, Dak Prescott has become a viable QB2 with QB1 upside. In a home matchup against the division rival Giants, I think Dak will do well against one of the worst looking defenses on paper.

Start – Matt Stafford @ Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals have revamped their offense, but the defense looks as bad as ever. The fact that Vance Joseph is now leading this defense means I’ll probably be streaming offensive players against the Cardinals all year long.

Sit of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger @ New England Patriots

As a Steelers fan, I’m excited to see this new look offense against one of our oldest playoff rivals. However, Big Ben has had some pretty vicious home/road splits, often disappointing in road matchups even against bad defenses. The Patriots defense looks better than it has the last few years, and so I’m at least tempering my expectations for Ben coming into this game.

Sit – Russell Wilson vs Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals may not be quite as bad as we’d like to believe, and I think the defense can at least bother Wilson in this road matchup. My thing is, who is Wilson going to throw to? Besides Tyler Lockett, it seems like they have no wide receivers. I hate to bet against Wilson at home, but if I drafted another quarterback, I’ll probably slide him in my lineup over Wilson.

Sit – Josh Allen @ New York Jets: For reasons similar to Lamar Jackson, I’ve had an offseason affinity for Josh Allen because of his running ability. The difference here is Josh Allen isn’t getting designed runs put in for him, and his accuracy has been shaky. I’m in a wait and see mode against an average Jets defense.

Sit – Marcus Mariota @ Cleveland Browns: There aren’t many quarterbacks I would want to play in this position. With all the hype surrounding the Browns, you have to think they’ll come out energetically and enthusiastically, and I could see them railroading an average Titans defense that relies on the run more than the pass.

Sit – Joe Flacco @ Oakland Raiders: I don’t think much of the Oakland Raiders defense, but I do think I want to see Joe Flacco and this team play before I buy into him as a streaming option. With a plethora of young talent around him, it’s time to see if old man Flacco can sink or swim in the AFC West.

Sit – Jimmy Garrapolo @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Easily the most overrated quarterback in fantasy football, I cannot advise starting Jimmy G against the Buccaneers. Though the matchup seems juicy, I think the Bucs defense is a bit underrated, and could potentially stomp a mudhole in an average 49ers offense.