The 10 Best Wrestling T-shirts


The most essential piece of wrestling merchandise is the T-shirt. They are important to wrestling fans because it shows who we support. It also differentiates us from the normals in public. Factions can use T-shirts as signs of allegiance and recruiting tools. A popular T-shirt can take a talent to the next level. There have been many iconic shirts in wrestling. Here is my top ten list of the best wrestling T-shirts.

Honorable mention:

Hulkamania- Hulk Hogan tearing this shirt is almost WWE’s logo. However the red and yellow has lost a little luster because of Hulk’s recent behavior.

Owen 3:16- I’m convinced this shirt would be hot if WWE were allowed to sell it. 

Hounds of Justice- This Shield shirt was cool because of the Cerberus like dogs.

10) Getting Nasty Baby (Nasty Boys)

I wanted to start this list with a deep cut. This shirt was based on the Nasty Boys’ colorful ring gear. It looks like the 90s threw up on a T-shirt and I love it. Both the WWE shop and Pro Wrestling Tees sell versions, however, neither captures the original glory. 

the best wrestling T-shirts

9) Wolfpac Wolf (nWo Wolfpac) 

In 1998 the WCW tried to regain the nWo’s momentum by literally adding a shot of color. The classic red and black logo has regained popularity lately, although I am partial to the wolf shirt. Something about this giant tacky wolf head is awesome. I think it’s due to the Wolfpac theme playing in my head when I see it.

8) Best in the world (CM Punk)

This shirt perfectly represents CM Punk. It’s white when the popular choice is black. The ringer style is a throwback to the days of Roddy Piper. I’m also partial to this T-Shirt because of the homage to the Chicago flag.

7) Wanted Dead or Alive (Cactus Jack)

Cactus Jack had the best merch of the three personalities of Mick Foley. Due to Mick’s work in Japan, the wanted poster became a banner for hardcore wrestling fans. It has also become a symbol of caring because St. Mick often sells autographed copies for good causes. 

6) Macho Man (Randy “Macho Man” Savage)

In a sea of black T-shirts, this one stands out because of the vibrant color options. The reflection of the Macho Man in the unmistakable glasses is the “cream of the crop” of graphic design.

5) Hot Rod! (Rowdy Roddy Piper)

This ringer tee has been a staple at wrestling shows for over thirty years. It has now gained a second life in WWE because Ronda Rousey has adopted the Piper motif. 

4) Suck It (D-Generation X)

In 1997 Bret Hart labeled HHH and Shawn Michaels degenerates. The pair embraced the title, added a phalacio euphemism and slapped it on a T-shirt. The shirt became the ultimate anti-establishment symbol because parents hated it. 

3) Austin 3:16 (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Steve Austin cut a legendary promo after defeating Jake “The Snake’ Roberts” in the final of the 1996 King Of The Ring tournament. Fans locked on to the specific phrase. Austin’s mockery of Roberts’s “born again” status quickly became a phenomenon as a result.

2) Bullet Club Skull (Bullet Club)

The Bullet Club is highly influenced by Attitude Era factions. Therefore it only makes sense that they have a cool T-shirt that would’ve been right at home in the time. There are many variations, my favorite being the Halloween edition. It has become the most popular shirt of the modern era partially due to its availability at Hot Topic and Pro Wrestling Tees. I believe lots of gun enthusiasts buy this shirt because of the baffled look I get when I throw up a “Too Sweet”.

1) nWo (The New World Order)

This is easily the best pro-wrestling shirt. The nWo was cool partly because of their black motif and classic logo. The shirt was a hot seller in WCW and NJPW. It was an effective recruitment tool and the list of members ballooned to 62 as a result. DDP using the garment to swerve the nWo in one of my favorite segments of all time.

What are your favorite wrestling shirts? Did I miss any? This is also a great time to support independent wrestlers on Pro Wrestling Tees because of the COVID break. Buy some shirts! 

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