The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict

The Chicago Bears are Eggs Benedict

In the culinary world, there is a group of five sauces that are known as the ‘Mother Sauces.’ These are five sauces that act as a foundation for every other sauce you can possibly make. One of them is a hollandaise, which is most commonly known for its usage on an American brunch staple-EGGS BENEDICT.

The sauce is essentially a combination of rapidly whisked egg yolks with butter slowly incorporated, in small increments, at a slow pace. The reason the butter is added slowly is to ensure that an emulsion(a balanced dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible) occurs. If too much butter is added in any given increment or the butter is added too quickly, the fat in the egg yolks don’t get along with the fat in the butter and the sauce separates. Once this process occurs, the sauce is no longer useful, serves no purpose, must be thrown in the trash, and the Chef has to start over from scratch. The end result is a broken hollandaise.

It’s time to start thinking realistically as a Chicago Bears fan. To start adopting the thought process that losing games will benefit the team more than winning them will. I know Chicago doesn’t have a 1st round draft pick, but the worse the record the better the draft position in later rounds. If Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears offense continue to show glimmering signs of false hope, then that’ll give the ownership and Pace more incentive to keep the QB they have. They will continue to make excuse after excuse as to why they didn’t do anything wrong, thrusting the blame upon anyone within Piniero field goal range.

It’s like when 3 kids are in front of a judge and the 1st is saying about the 2nd: “It was HIS idea to start the fire.” and the 2nd kid is pointing his finger at the 3rd and saying: “But it was HIS lighter, which he stole by the way.” and the 3rd kid points back at the 1st and says HE started it! He’s the one that actually flicked the Bic.” It’s just a round-robin of the blame game that accomplishes nothing but increases the perception of incompetence in the McCaskey children and their lack of knowledge when it comes to football players, football minds and the game of football itself.

The bottom line is although one of the kids (Mitchell, Matthew, Ryan) might be more responsible than the other two, all 3 of the children must take responsibility for what has occurred and should serve time in solitary confinement. Or at least stand in the corner with a dunce cap on their head…….for a year!

One thing’s for sure- The principal and the superintendent won’t take responsibility for any of it even though the entire team is in their jurisdiction and supposedly under their watch.

If the Chicago Bears continue to be involved in low-scoring competitive games with poor production from all facets, it will encourage the coaching staff, the management, and the ownership to believe the decisions they’re making are the right ones.

THAT, combined with their stubbornness and spoiled egos is an ultimate recipe for a broken hollandaise.