The Controversy Of Tessa Blanchard

In the age of social media, a single tweet can make or break someone, especially if that someone is part of a very tight-knit community. Case in point, earlier today, IMPACT Wrestling babyface, Tessa Blanchard, tweeted out to women about supporting one another. Since then, a flurry of tweets has come out, possibly revealing that Tessa isn’t exactly who she portrays herself to be.

Moments after the tweet, other performers from different promotions would come forward, commenting on her tweet with some interesting counterpoints to what she claims she’s trying to push. Those other performers are NWA’s Allysin Kay and NXT’s Chelsea Green, two women who wrestled with Ms. Blanchard for the same promotion.

What’s most interesting is the response from Allysin Kay, where she accuses Ms. Blanchard from spitting in the face of a black wrestler and calling her the N-Word. Apparently, that black wrestler is Black Rose, an indie wrestler from Puerto Rico. In a, admittedly, poorly worded tweet (probably because of Google’s legendary translation app), she’d confirm that the event did happen in Japan of 2017.

At the same time, AEW star Shanna would tweet out, not necessarily confirming the event, but admitting that she has done more nasty things while in Japan. Renee Michelle, who is currently signed with WWE, and is Drake Maverick’s real-life wife, would add to the situation as well.

Naturally, Ms. Blanchard would deny the allegations with a tweet, but this isn’t the first time that people in the wrestling world have accused her of something like this. Constant claims of bullying, belittling, receipt cashing, and a diva complex have swirled around the performer for years.

Tomorrow night on IMPACT’s pay-per-view, Hard To Kill, Ms. Blanchard will be facing off against Sami Callihan in an inter-gender match for the IMPACT World Championship. IMPACT has chosen not to respond to anything that’s happened today and has even retweeted an IGN article, calling Ms. Blanchard 2019’s Wrestler of the Year, so it would appear that the match will continue as planned.

Hard To Kill is set to start tomorrow (January 12th, 2020) at 8pm EST.